Asked on Jun 5, 2012

Deja Vue Designs' Contest Winner!!!!

Tammy@Deja Vue DesignsKMS Woodworks


At the beginning of May I started a contest on my blog....It went through the entire month...and went to anyone subscribed to my blog...including those who signed up in May....I have a winner and have been unable to reach her....If you ARE her....or KNOW her.....please try to let her know she won....or let me know how to reach her!
Candice Dotson
You won!!!! Go here to find out more....or contact me!!! =]
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jun 6, 2012

    give her a few days....I'm assuming you have an email address of IP location? if week passes you can always draw a "runner up"

  • Tammy@Deja Vue Designs
    on Jun 6, 2012

    Yeah I was just hoping she would see it...or someone she knows would....I thought I'd just re-draw in a couple of weeks if she doesn't reply.=]

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