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Recycle Your Old Doors Into Your Country Cottage Getaway

I live in a small 2 bedroom home and with that being said I took the smaller bedroom and made a walk in closet so I always needed somewhere for my grand- Munchkins to sleep when they come over. .. and I always wanted a Country Cottage!
Time: 3 Days Cost: $400 Difficulty: Easy
Door 1 was given to me by a friend so I lightly sanded and distressed it using a little stain in the sanded in areas...

Door 2 was a rescue headed to the trash so I quickly grabbed it up ! It also got a little sanding and distressing and both doors are solid wood... So this is where the fun begins securing all doors to the wall and 1 small one from and old play house ... I purchased 2 twin beds and started building my couches..
Then I made a trip to my local Home Improvement store and picked up some canvas drop cloth
I took the canvas and upholstery the box springs of the twin beds this one canvas was enough to do the front and two sides of each bed and using an old comforter l cut for extra padding made it soft and plush..
And then taking the leftover canvas and cutting it into ribbons and secure it around the bed rails to hide them....
And to finish it off I purchase two more small canvas drop cloth for the coverlets and with fitted sheets underneath and lots of pillows♡♡
Now all of my grand- Munchkins have a place to cuddle up and relax when they come to my Country Cottage♡♡♡
Having fun with Eve's Saturday Projects! !

Materials used for this project:

  • 3 old doors,drop cloths,staple gun,2 twin beds,sander and stain.
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