Asked on Jul 21, 2013

Long curtain brackets

SherylCori Warner


Where can I find or how do I make curtain brackets with long projections ?
2 answers
  • Cori Warner
    on Jul 21, 2013

    Do you mean you want them further away from the wall? If so, you can get bracket extenders from various places, here's one:

  • Sheryl
    on Dec 16, 2015

    Standard rods are 3.5 return (that means from the wall) .. You can get returns from professional companies that can extend to 6-8 .. Im curious to know what you applying that needs this return. Usually a casement (sheers) is first even a blind on an inside mount. Then you have a rod that will mount over that. If you wish to contact me i can help. I've done extreme makeover and have my own drapery workroom and have met face to face with 99% with many issues..if you can you can also add a photo of your window and brief description of your window desire. Sheryl @No search results.Sew&Sew

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