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Practically Care Free Flowers, as well as Beautiful & Show Stoppers!

Zinnia's - (All Hybrids....Cut & Grow, Giants, Cactus, Pinwheels) - Sunflowers & Sunflower Tree's (Multi-colored), Gladious, Butterfly Bush, Hollyhocks, Lantansa, Dahlia's, Roses, Petunia & Black Eyed Susan's, Lilys....Just some of my Favorites!
If you cut A Rose right above it's first sprout of 5 leaves, you will promote more rose Blooms. Black eyed Zinnia's are perennials and multiply each year. And can also be split in early spring. For a Longer Bloomed show, simply dead head the Black eyed Susan flowers as they fade.
Giant Zinnia.....Grows upt to 4-5 ft. Grow along fences, sheds, walls, etc. They love Sun!
Zinnia (The more you deadhead the faded flowers, the more branches that sprout and flowers bloom.) Take the faded flowers and stick elsewhere in the dirt and it will reseed itself and most likely bloom in the same season. I still have flowers growing up from last year. Despite being Annuals, reseeding can turn them into perennias.
HollyHock! Show Stoppers!!! Up to 6-8 ft. Staking Def. Recquired But Most Complimented!
Butterfly Bushes Really do Attract Butterflies
Petunia's....the cheapest of the flowers in Nurserys and actually I find to be the most difficult to grow by seed. But the end results are worth it. Flowers last to fall. Just pinch off faded flowers every couple of days and will promote more growth.
White Sunflower Tree's......Deadhead faded flowers to promote more bloom and will last to Fall/Frost!
White/Yellow Sunflower Tree Mixture....Easily & Quickly Grown By seed! Will last to late fall to Frost.
Red Sunflower Tree Mixture
Red Sunflower Tree, Almost Christmas Tree shaped 4' - 5' ft. Same as other, dehead faded flowers to promote more growth
Zinnia's, the more you cut the faded flowers, the longer they promote flowers and will last til Late Fall.
The Key with Zinnia' in most flowers but especially Zinnia's, is to always water the soil, never the leaves or fowers. If too much water and rain promotes rusty leaves, no need to worry, they are not infected, just cut off rusted leaves for healthier shoots.
Lily's. Grown By Bulbs. But to be honest, I found the one's you find in local grocery stores such as Shoprite, etc....seem to multiply the following year much more than single bulbs.

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