Asked on Jul 22, 2013

What is this plant?

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I just want to know the name of a plant my neighbor just put in. He had no idea .. bought it for the look.
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  • Libby
    on Jul 22, 2013

    Looks like a calla lily.

  • Natalie Larson
    on Jul 22, 2013

    This is a calla lily

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Jul 22, 2013

    Calla Lily, not sure what zone you are in, but they are listed as hardy zones 8-10, so it might not make it through the winter if are in a colder region.

  • Gayla
    on Jul 23, 2013

    It's a Calla Lily, I live in zone 4 and have to dig it up before winter sets in. I keep it in a pot of dirt in the basement,and replant when spring comes around.

  • Shelly Troup
    on Jul 23, 2013

    Oh it's a Calla Lily! I have three of them in my garden!

  • Marilyn Highley
    on Jul 23, 2013

    Isn't that a lovely color? Love calla lilies. In NY, he will need to dig it up and store it out of the cold during the winter, if he wants to have it next year. I keep mine in large pots which can be moved.

  • Jessie Hammond
    on Jul 24, 2013

    I live in Zone 7 & I have never dug my my Calla Lilies after planting them. They have came back for the past 7 years with no problem. I don't even mulch or cover the bed in winter. They are hardier then they look.

  • Leslie D
    on Jul 24, 2013

    It's a Kala least that's what my daughter, Kala, called them when she was 3 and misunderstood the name when I told her what it was. We still call them that to this day, and she's 27 now. :)

  • Peg
    on Jul 24, 2013

    You are 2 hrs or more north of me Donna, they will not overwinter, take it indoors.

  • Sharon Clyatt
    on Jul 24, 2013

    calla lily

  • Donna Rakes
    on Jul 24, 2013

    I have one and its beautiful,needless to say I have all kinds of lilies

  • Maryfennell
    on Jul 24, 2013

    It is a calla lily. I have a few. Louise Fl.

  • Tanya Peterson Felsheim
    on Jul 24, 2013

    Beautiful color for a calalily!

  • Carol Harris
    on Jul 25, 2013

    I have a couple of calla lily's in my garden and I leave them outside all winter, ours winter get pretty cold, but I cover them up real good with leaves, and so far they have survived.

  • LaVerne DeHart
    on Jul 25, 2013

    This is a calla lily. You can leave them outside all winter in more temperate climates and they will return the following year bigger and fuller! Really pretty plant and pretty hardy

  • Donna Treem
    on Jul 25, 2013

    Yes, it's definitely a Calla Lily. They come in some lovely colors. It used to be only white ones were seen. That's probably why you didn't recognize the plant. I just Love them!!

  • Sar121920
    on Jul 25, 2013

    calla lily

  • Rosalie M
    on Jul 25, 2013

    THIS IS A CALA LILY, a very beautiful flower usually used around Easter time. Several different colors are available.

  • Mary Scott
    on Jul 25, 2013

    I have a yellow calla lily, that my daughter gave me for Mother's Day. I live in Zone 6 and brought it indoors last year and occasionally watered it. It's in a 6 inch pot and it came back this spring, but I'm wondering if I should transplant it to a bigger pot. It got one flower this year, where last year it had 2-3 flowers. Any suggestions?

  • Julie Stanhope
    on Jul 25, 2013

    Pink Calla Lily..

  • Sarieno
    on Jul 26, 2013

    Pink calla lily.

  • Sharron Pittenger
    on Jul 27, 2013

    it is a calla lilly

  • Karen Roberts
    on Jul 28, 2013

    Calla Lilly and it looks just like mine. I live in southern MS and it just keeps coming back every year. I spilt this this year and they are great.

  • Isamenton
    on Apr 18, 2014

    This is a Calla Lily or Zantedeschia. It looks like Rubylite Rose:

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