Up Cycled Glass Bottle Lights

Collection of recycled glass bottles crafted into amazing home decor lighted bottles.
I have a table top drill press in my kitchen (LOL) true. You need a diamond core drill bit, 2 pieces of masking or painters tape to make where the hole will be drilled. Then a make a dam from window glaze to put around where the hole will be drilled and fill it with water to keep the drill bit cool while you drill. Make sure you wear gloves and safety glasses. Just drill slow and easy, will take awhile, don’t add pressure. Once drilled wash out your bottle with very warm water to remove glass dust. I let dry over night. Then insert lights pulling all the way through to the top, then reinsert from the top as you fill with glass gem stones. I use string lights, LED lights, multi colored or clear depending on what effect you want to make. I also take out all the bulbs and rearrange into all the same color together for gradient lighting or blue - green - blue- green then yellow- pink - yellow - pink the all red. Or what ever color combo together that you want.
The "aurora" illuminates with a warm glow.

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14 questions
  • Becky Lister
    on Jan 21, 2016

    How large was the drill bit?

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Jan 21, 2016

      @Becky Lister I use 1/4" to 3/4" diamond core drill bits, depends on size of bottle and lights. Thanks Becky for asking.

    • Tootie
      on Feb 21, 2016

      I have made the colored wine bottles with lights , and put a very small lamp shade on them, very pretty. Tootie

  • Terry
    on Feb 3, 2016

    Can you show us the back of the bottle where you put the electric wiring/plug?

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Feb 4, 2016

      Terry, I have not taken photos of me creating AuroraBottleLights since it is just me, kinda hard to do. ( I will work of getting photos, creating the bottle lights.) I do have a few photos to share of the back of the bottles where the cord goes through - plug in and battery operated)

      , Plug in light strand from back, This is before I found grommets to insert around the hole to protect the electrical wires, Was a custom order and changed to having battery operated lights on a timer
  • Robin Thompson
    on Apr 11, 2016

    I think you mean you make a "dam" out of window glazing

  • Patti
    on May 28, 2016

    Hi, where did you get the unique bottle stoppers? They're very pretty.

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on May 28, 2016

      Patti, thank you for the question. I made the unique bottle stoppers. I thought that they were perfect for a beautiful lighted bottle or unlighted during the day.

    • Marsha
      on Jul 17, 2016

      Small decorative drawer knobs glued to corks would work. World market has beautiful ones.

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Jul 20, 2016

      @ Patti, @Marsha, they are drawer knobs some from World Market and Hobby Lobby when 50% off. I screw them into the cork.

  • Pio silva
    on May 31, 2016

    How made litghed bottles?

  • Julia Angleworm
    on Jun 28, 2016

    How many people actually own or have access to a drill press

    • Janet Warzynski Maddux
      on Jun 30, 2016


    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Jun 30, 2016

      Julia Angleworm, You could use a regular drill. It not easy to hold the bottle and use the reguIar. I was passionate enough and found a reasonable price at Harbour Freight and bought one.

    • Julia Angleworm
      on Jun 30, 2016

      Ok Thanks, I did ask the question in all seriousness wondering if that is something I should have but no one told me? :~D

    • Sheron
      on Jul 10, 2016

      You don't have to use a press, if you have an electric drill it will work fine. I have drilled a lot of bottles, and I have learned that using a diamond CORE bit is best. It is also easier to just submerge the bottle on its side in a small tub of water, letting the water fill the bottle and then cover the area you are going to drill with a 1/4 inch or so. A diamond core bit will drill through the glass in a very short period of time.

    • Julia Angleworm
      on Jul 11, 2016

      OH OK Thank You! Sheron

    • Gale
      on Aug 18, 2016

      Don't forget your safety goggles! Very important!

  • Kimmy
    on Jul 3, 2016

    I can't find how to make them, looking for over an hour,now. Can someone please email me the link? Merrittkimberly48@yahoo.com , thank you!

  • Barbara underwood
    on Sep 4, 2016

    The lights are beautiful. Do LED lights get very hot? I know regular Christmas lights will and I worry about a fire.

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Sep 5, 2016

      @Barbara underwood, the LED lights do not get very hot.

    • Barbara underwood
      on Sep 6, 2016

      Thank you. A friend does use the plug in lights and they do get very hot. I will put together these lights. However, I do not have a way to drill bottle. I will feed lights thru top. I have a friend that did and tapes the lights to neck of bottle to keep it neat.

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Sep 6, 2016

      @Barbara underwood, a friend gave me a Patron with the glass gems inside and she had them fed through the top. I love it so much I research drilling glass bottles and learned on a friends drill press. I found a great deal on a drill press and bought it cause I was making so many I opened an Etsy store. That is how AuroraBottleLights got it's start.

    • Barbara underwood
      on Sep 6, 2016

      That is wonderful and I bet you are doing well selling the bottles. They are so beautiful. I love crafts, as many of my friends do. However, to date we have not sold a thing..........we give everything away. Perhaps it is time to rethink this.

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Sep 8, 2016

      @Barbara underwood, I have sold quite a few and I also do custom orders. I love getting custom orders makes me get out of my box and create how they want it to look~~!!~~

    • Robin Shane
      on Mar 13, 2017

      I drill cabachons and glass in my jewelry business, one MUST keep water on the glass when drilling, one MUST wear safety glasses and yes you MUST use a diamond drill bit. Go to Harbor Frieght. They're cheap. Drill down with steady moderate pressure come back up to clear the water, then go down again a few times. Be patient. Rushing will wear out your drill bit, possibly break the bottle and cause chipping you'd rather not have. This project is just gorgeous. Thank you Lisa for sharing your craft and talent.

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Mar 18, 2017

      @Robin Shane, thank you for sharing your information. In different words, I did say the same thing. I really appreciate you adding your coment and your lovely compliment, it means alot, thank you.

  • Bonnie Lynn
    on Oct 6, 2016

    Would a Dremel work? I have carbide drill bits...

  • Mamaof2pumpkins
    on Oct 21, 2016

    Hi. I just wanted to find out what you mean by make a damn? Also where do you drill the hole?

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Oct 22, 2016

      @Mamaof2pumpkins, I use plumbers putty I purchased at Home Depot (if you keep it in a ziploc bag you will have a very long time) Take a piece of plumbers putty, and work it into a rope approximately 4 inches long, and form it into a ring. This ring will serve as a dam reservoir for water to lubricate the diamond hole saw during the drilling process. I would practice on a couple of bottles to get the feel of it. Hope this helps and good luck.

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Oct 22, 2016

      @Mamaof2Pumpkins, I drill the hole in the back of the bottle near the base it might be higher or lower each time depending on the bottle.

    • Hester Adamson-Bounds
      on Nov 17, 2016

      I have never used plumbers putty, I use my dremel flex shaft and run water over the glass where I am drilling the hole so that way I have clean water at all times.

    • Judy Prier Burgess
      on Mar 11, 2017

      Hester Adamson-Bounds could you tell us more about how to do th S with a dremel? I have one of those I've never used and I've been wanting to do this for a while. Never heard I could do it with a Dremel,

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Mar 18, 2017

      @ Judy Prier Burgess, hear is a page that will explain how to use a dremel on this project. Just scroll a little down the page and you'll see it. http://www.discountdiamondbits.com/whyusedibifa.html

  • Sandra Allen
    on Oct 31, 2016

    I don't have tools to cut glass with. I wonder...could you do this with jars and put in a battery powered tea lights? If I try it I will link back to your idea!!

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Oct 31, 2016

      @Sandra, Yes you could do this with jars. I received my first one and it was a Patron bottle my friend gave me and she had the lights come out of the top. I just think it would give off enough light if you were also to add glass gems to the jar. It's always worth a try to see how you like it. Good Luck.

    • Sandra Allen
      on Oct 31, 2016


    • I used the underwater lights that you put in vase. Works nice but only lasts a few days

    • Sandra Allen
      on Jan 6, 2017

      That makes sense thanks!!

  • Valeria
    on Nov 26, 2016

    how do you put the light inside the glass bottles

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Dec 4, 2016

      #Valerie, I sorry I haven't responded. The directions are above and explains how I create my AuroraBottleLights. Sorry I only have the one picture. Just read what is above.

  • Laura
    on May 8, 2017

    How to UPHOLSTERED a wing back chair
    • Pamela
      on May 8, 2017

      Bring it to me. I have done furniture for about 40 years.
      I know, it is to far. You must strip the chair completely to begin with. And then cut the fabric to match the pieces putting It back together in the reverse way in which you took it apart.
      Hope that helps a bit. It is grunt labor. Be sure to take out all the staples and tacks so that when you staple the fabric back you don't bounce off the old ones.
      Write me Laura and I will help you through it.
      Pami in California
    • Pamela
      on May 8, 2017

      oh yes, maybe wear some old dress gloves If you are new to this. The old staples can really stick your hands.

  • Trudy
    on Jun 8, 2017

    How do you know how long the string lights need to be. They come in many lengths.
    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Jun 10, 2017

      I use 20 light string in a small bottle and I use a 35 light string for the larger ones. I have also used 20 Micro Starry LED Copper Wire String Lights, Battery Operated, Warm White, 3.3ft/1m, Waterproof, Moon Lights.
      I use craft lights as well as LED.

      Hope that helps.

      Lisa D

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  • Loretta
    on Oct 2, 2016

    I have to try this! Wish me luck... never tried to drill glass before.

    • Lisa Wiseman
      on Oct 4, 2016

      @Loretta, I wish all the luck in the world. Just make sure you were gloves and safety glasses and make a dam to hold water so the drill bit won't get hot. Then take it slow anbd easy don't force it. You'll get the hang of it and I'd love to see your creations. I had never drilled glass either. I just Goolgled it and kept looking at a lot of post to make sure I knew how.

  • Virginia Cannon
    on Oct 31, 2016

    I always look for the Bling. BTW, I am a former resident of Hobbs and still have family there.

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