Proper removal of AC compressor

Unfortunately our central AC compressor stopped working. We had a company come hoping it was simply freon. Not so. Due to funds we had to get several room units, work well and for the 1928 neighborhood they fit in. It's next to the mud room steps and could become a functional space and I've been wanting to have the unit removed from the concrete slab. What process would need to be done regarding the electric leading into the basement furnace?
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  • Toolpro Toolpro on Jul 18, 2016
    First have someone take out the coolant. This person should disconnect anything that needs it at the inside unit. Then have a qualified person disconnect the wire from the circuit box. It the very least turn off the breaker for the AC. It should be a dedicated breaker. Ideally you want to pull the wire into the house or contain it is a junction box- you might get a new unit down the road so having the wire there is ok. Once everything is disconnected property you can remove the compressor. A scrapper should take it for free. Or you can recycle it yourself for money. Some handymen will be qualified for this if the coolant is out. I have had good success finding help on craigslist. Give a detailed description and vet responses.
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    • Suzan Suzan on Jul 19, 2016
      Freon police, good one!
  • Bob Bob on Jul 18, 2016
    I`m a bit confused here ." What process would need to be done regarding the electric leading into the basement furnace?" I don`t understand what a "basement furnace electrics" has to do with a compressor unit for air conditioning. But that aside , your a/c unit/s need to be degassed by a qualified technician, this is for your safety as I doubt you know which gas is being used .he will also have the correct qualifications to certify legally that the units are empty . Normally the a/c engineer will disconnect the electrical supply to the unit or have an electrician to make your system safe . My answer maybe a bit long winded but some of the gasses used are not exactly "good for your health" to put it very mildly.
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    • Suzan Suzan on Jul 19, 2016
      We're on a pier and beam with a 3' crawl space leading outside. All ductwork is in the basement and crawl space with vents leading up to the hardwood floors. Very effective.
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