Hummingbird Feeder DIY Made From Soda Bottle and Seasoning Container

While I was relaxing at our back patio, I saw a hummingbird hovering around my garden. I love watching birds and wanted to attract more in my yard so I made a hummingbird feeder from soda bottle and seasoning container which are available in my storage.
It was a successful project and I’m so happy that I only spent few cents to make this hummingbird feeder.
Materials used are soda bottle, used seasoning container, metal hanger, red flower decoration or other accent of your choice, glue gun, fliers and drill.
Steps to do this:
1. Give soda bottle and seasoning container a good cleaning. Make sure that seasoning smell and soda smell are completely gone.
2. Cut off the top most cover of seasoning container, this will leave the cover with hole in it big enough to fit the soda bottle head.
3. Attach the container cover to soda bottle head using hot glue gun.
4. While waiting for the glue to dry, drill a hole at the center of bottle cap and 3 holes at the sides of seasoning container. Seasoning container holes should be about 1.5 inches from the bottom. Make sure that the holes are above the bottle cap hole to avoid spillage. These will serve as humming birds feeding ports.
5. Add accents to attract hummingbirds. They like red so I used red plastic flowers and attached it around the holes.
6. Bend hanger wire to make a bottle holder. I added a butterfly made from soda can for an accent.
7. Fill the bottle with the hummingbird food.
8. Put the bottle cap on and the decorated feeding container.
9. Turn the container upside down. The hummingbird food will flow in the container but will stop when it reaches the bottle cap.
10. Hang the hummingbird feeder under the tree or near the bush and enjoy watching them. Do not hang this on a sunny area as too much heat will melt the glue.
For more information about this project, please head over to the link below.

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  • Lori
    on Jul 18, 2016

    what in the world is a spice container? I know that sounds like a silly question, but I am wondering what it is. I so enjoy this as I get so many great ideas. keep up the good work

    • Mac1718663
      on Jul 24, 2016

      A containter that has several bottles of assorted spices in it that you can hang On the wall. You can probably fine them in kitchen items at stores. Just ask At stor s like Best Buy- & Belks

  • Amelia
    on Mar 5, 2018

    DUH what's a seasoning container, you lost me.

  • Lenora
    on Jun 4, 2019

    What size is the soda bottle and what is the spice container?

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  • Carolyn Noyer
    Carolyn Noyer
    on Jul 20, 2016

    I'm going to have to try this.

  • Emmawilliams1
    on Jul 21, 2016

    Been away for awhile....Computer was hacked BIG TIME...Was trying to figure a way this a.m. for more hummingbird feeders..Have all that is needed and will do tomorrow.. thanks for the in fo..looks cute!!!!

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