Parker Dining Chair Makeover

I scored a set of 4 retro Parker dining chairs on ebay with a view to making them over. They were very dirty, the seats were sunken and needed re-upholstering. New webbing, new foam, new fabric and the frames needed some attention. I removed the existing fabric, foam and webbing. Gave the frames 3 coats of Danish oil after a light sand. Danish oil was applied with a soft cloth, left for a few minutes and wiped off. I left 5 hours between each coat. New webbing was applied using an upholstery tool called a gooseneck webbing stretcher. New foam, calico and fabric was applied and new dustcover to the undersides of the chairs. The end result is pretty funky whilst still in keeping with the retro design! I am hoping these will find their new home soon! This was one of the more fun but challenging makeovers I have undertaken.

Update: These chairs have now found their new home!
The completed set of 4
Very grubby!
and from the side
and the back

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  • Carole Carole on Aug 06, 2013
    Kate, they are a set of 4 and I am going to sell these. Again, we have enough furniture and they are not in the style of our home décor.
  • Z Z on Sep 17, 2013
    Wow! I love these chairs. You have a good eye in seeing potential Carole.
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    • Carole Carole on Sep 17, 2013
      @Z You need to not invest any emotion in it. Learn to let it go if you don't win! When you bid on ebay you can set your maximum bid that you are prepared to go to. The starting bidding may be 99 cents - you may think you are prepared to pay say ten dollars and no more than that. Set you maximum bid at 10 dollars. If no one else bids the bidding will be with you at 99 cents. If someone else bids, say $1.50, then your maximum bid will jump in and bid for you say 2 dollars. If the other person or someone else bids again, your bid will kick in again to best theirs. Your bid will not go any higher than the 10 dollars you quoted in your maximum bid. If you are outbid - say someone goes eleven dollars - you will get notified by email that you have been outbid. At that point you choose whether to walk away and let it go, or raise your bid. Train yourself to walk away if you are outbid. Good deals are like buses. Nothing comes along for ages, then you see several good deals in a matter of hours or days. Just know when to fold 'em! I don't know if you are bidding on ebay or some other online auction, so I can only speak for ebay. You don't need nerves of steel - just to learn not to get too invested in it. Something else will always turn up!
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