Asked on Jul 23, 2013

Day lilly

BjDouglas Hunt


I have this day lilly plant, a few years ago it had beautiful blooms the color of canaloupe
the past two years the leaves have turned bown, it had several stalks of buds but the flowers didn't produce it seems like they just dried up. I tried only watering once in a while
because the lilies you see at shopping malls always look bright and green I don't imagine they get much water. any help would be appreciated thanks

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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jul 24, 2013

    Your daylily probably needs more water than it is getting. While they tolerate somewhat dry soils, they like moderate moisture, especially so at bloom time. You might want to check out this guide to growing daylilies from Purdue University:

  • Bj
    on Jul 28, 2013

    thank you for the advise,I was told once established they don't require much water. Last year I watered every day so this year I thought I would water less, same results dried up flowers.

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