What color should I paint my bathroom?

What color should I paint my bathroom to make it brighter?
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  • Stephanie Fudge Stephanie Fudge on Jul 19, 2016
    I have learned you need that piece of inspiration to make it come together. If it was me I would do white and or light gray. If you are getting a new shower curtain pull colors from that for your accessories. 😊
  • Meghan Collins Meghan Collins on Jul 19, 2016
    White or the lightest part of the animal print :)
  • IFortuna IFortuna on Jul 19, 2016
    Pale yellow will brighten any room. Make sure it is not intense or too bright because that will defeat the purpose and just look garish. It is nice for a kitchen too. Mine has no window but pale yellow gives a light sunny warmth.
  • Monica perez Monica perez on Jul 19, 2016
    Iam going to go with a light orange
    • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 21, 2016
      Be careful with the shade you choose. I had the same light peach colour in my 2 bathrooms when I bought my house. In the one, it looked like a garish orange at night and due to different lighting. Now I always try large samples first.
  • Tina Tina on Jul 19, 2016
    I had a shower curtain with some of the same colors in it that yours has and I found a wonderful paint color called Winter Wheat. It's a very light yellowish tan and brightened my small bathroom and made it look twice and big as it really is! I absolutely love it and it wasn't so yellow that I couldn't live with it comfortably, because I'm not a yellow or orange person. I tend towards greens and browns but this color just really caught my eye and worked wonders in my bathroom!
  • Freckles Freckles on Jul 20, 2016
    What's your favorite color? Use a variation of that either light shades or a bright variation of it. Since everything else is a shade of brown you can use just an accent wall or paint the whole room.
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