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I have two more plants that I need help with the ID...PLEASE. The first one "I" think is a Lilac, but my husband says no.In the 5+ years we have lived here it has never flowered, or even gotten abud... so, if it is a Lilac, does anyone have any suggestion on how to get itto bloom... I live in West Virginia.The other plant is a wild 'flower' that I have seen in the woods on myproperty, I think it is really cute, but before I transplant into my flowergarden... it would be nice to know what it is. Last year I made the mistake oftransplanting Snake weed (also known as Rattlesnake weed) and this year it hadall but taken over, so I started pulling them out, so you can see why I amleery about wild plants now :-)
plant id, flowers, gardening, Lilac
plant id, flowers, gardening, my little wild flower what is it
my little wild flower... what is it???
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