Asked on Jul 25, 2013

My LG dryer is shredding my towels. Help!

A Design Group Atlanta, LLC


Why do dryers shred towels?
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  • A Design Group Atlanta, LLC
    on Jul 25, 2013

    The shredding of towels is usually the result of inherent design problems of the daryer. The dryer plate bounces around during the drying cycles with the outer rubber edge of the plate rubbing up and down against the stainless steel basket. Loops of towels or loose threads from any other type of garment/material can get caught in this interface area between the rubber and the stainless steel basket. Also, it appeared that threads can also get pinched at the interface between the dryer plate and the rubber seal as it moves up and down. In other words, material can get pinched on either side of the outer rubber seal of the dryer plate. Occasionally you will see threads pinched in these areas and may have to pull them out. The problem will only get worse as the rubber ages. To cope with the problem as long as you keep the washer, you might try some of the more expensive towels that have densely packed, short, tight loops. Then there is less material available to be pinched. But even these towels eventually degrade enough that loop pulls become more commonplace. And as may also call an LG repairman.

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