Your Quick Cleaning Plan to Get a Sparkling Home by the Weekend

You'll be lounging on the couch in your spotless home in no time.

By Hometalk Highlights

Paint your grout lines

Get the clean look without all the scrubbing.

Clean your pillows in the washer

Get your pillows white and fluffy without all the hassle.

Dust your vents in the dishwasher

It practically cuts all out the time and effort.

Clean your Venetian blinds by soaking them

They’ll look newly hung after you do this.

Or use this tong and chopstick trick instead

You’ll cut out half the time by not taking them off your windows.

Toss your shower curtain in the washer

A quick rinse in the wash makes it sparkling new.

Make toilet bombs to cut out time

Plop these toilet bombs in for an instant clean.

Clean your silver with this no-polish hack

Your fingers won’t feel cramped using this quick and simple solution .

Shine your stainless steel sink with this mix

A little baking soda and vinegar is all you need.

Use baby oil to get rid of grease and grime

Your kitchen appliances will thank you.

Soak your oven racks in the bath

It takes time, but this trick cuts the effort in half.

Banish any lime deposits with this mix

Salt and vinegar make this solution super easy.

Use a spray to get wrinkle-free clothes

This no-iron hack is so simple and easy, I'm going to use this all the time.