How to Clean Your House Using Power Tools

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Tile seems to get grimy constantly, no matter what you do. Want a powerful (and fun!) way to scrub away tile grime? Make your own power drill brush! It sounds a little wild, but you can let your power drill do the cleaning for you with this quick DIY. I used a soap dispensing brush, a screw, a washer and a nut to make this power scrubber...
You start with a soap dispensing brush. Step 1: Remove the Mechanism
First, I unscrewed the top of my brush and pulled out the mechanism that releases the soap. It just popped right out with a little pressure, leaving a small open hole. Step 2: Make the Hole Larger
The hole in my scrubber was just a little bit too small for my 5 inch hex screw, so I used a larger drill bit and drilled it to the right size. Step 3: Insert 5 Inch Hex Screw
Once my hole was the right size, the screw slipped in easily. Step 4: Add a Washer and Nut
I wanted the brush to stay in place at the end of the screw, so I put on a washer and then a nut to secure it. Then, I just reached my fingers as far in as I could to twist it tightly into place. Step 5: Add to The Drill
Next, I insert the brush/screw combo as I would any drill bit -- just slipped it into place and then twisted my drill tight around it. Step 6: Put the Drill in Reverse
When I first tried this trick, my drill kept unscrewing itself from the brush. I found that when I put the drill in reverse, it did exactly what I wanted, just spinning the brush so that it turned into a power scrubber. Step 7: Scrub Your Tile
I was so amazed by the instant sparkle this power cleaner gave my tile, that I can't WAIT for the next time it gets even a little bit grimy. Bonus: My husband heard the whirring and decided her had to clean the rest of the tile in the house! Now we're wondering what else power tools can clean...

I used a soap dispensing brush, a screw, a washer and a nut to make this power scrubber...
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Suggested materials:

  • 5" Hex screw  (Hardware Store)
  • Soap dispensing scrub brush  (Grocery Store)
  • Nut  (Hardware Store)
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