Just Finished Three More Projects for the Backyard.

The first project was my pretty lady that I bought for a $1.00 at the flea market, Of course she was a plain white head then. I cut the top & dug it out into a bowl shape, painted and then added a few plants & accessories. She's fine on the table for now, but I'll put her in my greenhouse once we get it built. The second project was finishing my leaves up that I made from cement & my sunflower leaves, a squash leaf, & a palm leaf. I got them all painted. I think the Palm leaf looks like a shell. I may add a little pump to the double layer one so we can have water trickling on the patio area. The third project was a window my girlfriend & I did on our crafty Monday. She painted a flag on hers.
My pretty lady made from a Styrofoam head.
My cement leaves I'm going to make into a little fountain. The large one is made from several sunflower leaves.
The old window I painted.
One sunflower leaf. I may put a small plant towards the back of this one or just leave it alone sitting on the table.
The palm leaf that I thought looked like a shell so I painted it more colorful.
The squash leaf.

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