How to cover a wall papered ceiling

Hello, I have a patterned wall paper ceiling. I don't want to take it down as it may take down the ceiling with it. Any Ideas?!
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  • Lsu6847118 Lsu6847118 on Jul 24, 2016
    My in-laws used acoustical tiles.
  • Julie gartland Julie gartland on Jul 24, 2016
    Thank you, I shall look into it
  • Rebekka Rebekka on Jul 24, 2016
    Why not just paint over it?
    • Julie gartland Julie gartland on Jul 24, 2016
      Thanks for your answer, but it has a deep pattern that I don't like, it looks really old fashioned. I was hoping to find a way of disguising it.
  • Betsy Woolford Betsy Woolford on Jul 24, 2016
    If you want to paint over it, Kilz or a similar primer should cover the pattern. Otherwise, you may have to have it covered with a thin sheetrock, taped and finished so you can then paint it.
  • Barbara Barbara on Jul 25, 2016
    There are molded tiles on Amazon (the home centers might have as well) that can peel and stick to the ceiling to cover popcorn ceilings. They are light weight but you need to avoid using them in the kitchen or anywhere there is an exposed flame (water heaters, fireplaces, gas ranges, etc). With that said, I used an extra coat of wall paper paste to secure them in my quilt studio to make sure they don't 'unpeel' from the ceiling. They can be painted as well so it's is an economical and workable solution. They can be trimmed to fit with household shears. Here is the link for the ones I used (they are 20 x 20)
  • Julie gartland Julie gartland on Jul 25, 2016
    A big Thank you, I shall check these out.
  • Jennie Herrick Jennie Herrick on Jul 25, 2016
    Painting the wallpaper is not a great idea since it will take more than one layer of paint which will cause the wallpaper to suck up all the paint and pull away from the ceiling and eventually fall. I have dealt with this situation when I lived in a 200 year old Victorian farm house in Indiana. How I solved this problem was to order The lightest weight and mill. plastic version of a tin ceiling tile and painted them whatever color I wanted. I did find that using spray paint worked better than canned paint because it gave great coverage but was also extremely light. Then all you need to do is tack them up with some flat thumb tacks painted the same color. Easy Peasy!!
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