Asked on Jun 11, 2012

have an infestation of flies in the past days. heard it could be from a mouse that died in the hvac system. any info?

Kathy PWoodbridge Environmental


anyone have a recommendation as to who to contact to solve this problem? i live in no. new jersey. any help would be greatly appreciated and obviously, the sooner the better. thanks.
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  • I doubt a mouse in the house or HVAC system is the cause. There is simply not enough mouse when dead to attract a lot of flies in such a short order. Besides when a mouse decays, it really stinks. And if its in your AC system, the whole house would have a nasty odor in it. You need to check a few things. Flies tend to go dormant in attics in winter time. And as the weather warms up they become active once again. Check to see if your gable or soffit vent screens are not damaged. If you have access to the attic check the gable vent areas to see if there are a lot of dead flies in that area. You also need to check in the yard. If neighbors or even you have dogs that are not cleaned up after, this will promote a lot of fly activity. Garbage cans left open or ajar will allow flies to develop quite quickly. Keeping doors open for short periods will get these bugs in the house quite fast.

  • Kathy P
    on Jun 16, 2012

    the flies have just miraculously disappeared! the pest control company was unable to find anything that would have caused them.

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