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Adding a Junk Wood Wall to the She Shed #nailedit

I have picked up and been saving odds and ends of junk wood for a couple years now. I knew that someday I wanted to make a junk wood wall. I needed more and found some of it at Restore. I also stained some of the leftover pieces of cedar and added them here and there. We just built me a she shed and it was the perfect place for this junk wood wall. If we had been doing this inside our home I would have been more particular, but for the shed; I just wanted it to look, well; kind of junky.
The she shed is coming along nicely and now I am getting to play inside. I stained the inside walls with a transparent stain called driftwood grey. The junk wood wall is finished and the fun has begun! I lined the top of the wall with some of my watering can collection. A lot of them were too large, but these smaller ones worked nicely!
Originally I wanted to do this wall all by myself. Really, just to say that I could. lol! Hubby would not let me use the table saw to rip the wood. Many pieces had to be ripped to be the same width.
Just an old piece of chippy plyboard being ripped to fit. We had to cut them to lengths that they could be nailed onto the 2x4 wall studs.
Here I am drawing a line as to where the board needed to be cut.
He would let me use the chop saw.
Saftey first! Wearing safety googles is a must.
I am not the worlds best hammer lady, but I gave it a good try!
Even if it did put me in some not so pretty predicaments. :)
All different shapes and sizes has made the wall really fun. Some of them are a little thicker than others, but we matched them up as best we could.
I am having fun adding bits and bobs to the wall. I had forgotten I had this pegboard made from an old piece of molding until later. I would have added it right into the wall, but by the time I remembered we had gone to far. Instead of tearing the wall apart I opted to hang it on top.
An old hinge was added just for fun!
Our home is built on the site of the old McDaniel farm. A month ago we dug up this saw blade while planting a bush. Of course it had to be added to the wall.

Materials used for this project:

  • Wood   (Restore,)
  • Saws

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