Asked on Jul 27, 2013

Installing glass tile kitchen backsplash.

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do I need to remove the regular wallboard and install something else that is water proof behind the sink first? The counter tops are already installed.
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  • Judy Temple
    on Jul 27, 2013

    you don't have to remove the wallboard. you need to put cement board on top of the wallboard then place your glass tiles on top of that. I wish you the best of success!! PS: you can get step by step instructions you type in "howtoinstall tbacksplash tiles on U-tube

  • If your using a somewhat clear glass tile, you need to seal the wallboard using a water proofing paint designed for just this very reason. A good quality tile supplier can set you up with what you need. This paint will seal your wall fine. Water proofing is a great idea, but realistically your not spraying the walls like you would a shower. So the paint sealer is all that is needed. Be sure to choose a color that will not make the glass look bad. Also the material that you choose to fasten the tile to the wall makes a big difference in the look of the tile once its been placed on the wall. You do not want a dark gray thinset on a clear tile. A white thinset is normally used. But the thinset used does not hide the wall behind it. This is why you would paint the wall with a color blended match to the tile so it looks professionally done.

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