11 Ways to Make Expensive-Looking Home Decor With a Bowl

If you have a spare bowl lying around, you're gonna want to give one of these a try.

By Hometalk Highlights

Use a hot-glue gun to create a scalloped bowl

This beautiful bowl is so easy, and it looks good on any surface.

Transform your antique into a centerpiece

Candles and pinecones add the perfect touch to this piece of decor.

Incorporate colors with a leaf bowl

You’ll love looking at this bright autumn design.

Turn a large bowl into an antique table

A glass top over an antique dough bowl really makes a statement.

Hang them as interesting art

This blogger used paint to give the bowls a rustic look.

Stack them into a tiered stand

A classy look for your table, and it gives you more space for little trinkets.

Add sea glass for some beachy decor

This simple idea brings summer right to your home.

Dress them up as chic candle holders

These bowls will light up any room.

Use one to display your colorful jewelry

A scalloped edge makes the perfect place to hang earrings.

Use a broken one as pretty magnets

It’s a cute way to hang things on your fridge.