Asked on Jul 28, 2013

Odd staining on aluminum siding/soffit???

CometKMS Woodworks


We have a 1977 aluminum siding clad house (NOT vinyl) that has some weird stains on the soffiting which is white. We have NO over hanging trees or any obvious cause of this like a nearby factory. House is on top of a hill with unimpeded view to the East (so it gets FULL sun--sometimes blistering!) most of the day. We do get high winds. I am more interested in knowing HOW to get RID of this vs knowing what caused it! This was so "disturbing" to an insurance inspector (when we were shopping for a new policy) that they told us we couldn't HAVE insurance from their company==but our new ins co has also inspected several times and never said a word about it. We don't believe it is caused by the roofing as it started before we replaced the roof! Help!
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