Burlap Bag Curtain

5 Materials
45 Minutes

Lately I've been trying to evaluate my decor, get rid of things that aren't really my style anymore, and come up with new things to make. One of those things that I decided to make was a curtain over my side entry door (we use this as our main door). Ever since moving in to our house almost 4 years ago, there has been a nasty blind hanging from/taped on the door window. (Yes, the sides of the blinds were legit taped down with masking tape...I'm assuming the person living here before didn't want them banging against the door every time he opened it.). I'm constantly on the go and stay busy, so I never really stopped to let it bother me too much until this past week. I finally said to myself, "okay those disgusting blinds HAVE to go!" When I was down in South Carolina visiting my mom a few years ago, we went to this AAAAAMAZING antique mall where several vendors have their antiques, repurposed items and other creations set up, and I found 2 burlap sacks. Being the crafting hoarder that I am, I purchased them ($30 for both) with the intention of eventually making stool/ottoman cushions out of them. That never happened -- so this week when I was looking at my gross blinds, I decided to finally use one of my burlap sacks. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy this facelift was for my door window!

burlap bag curtain, crafts, home decor, window treatments

This project was so simple, I almost felt like I needed to add steps just to make it appear a little more involved, but it really was so easy, and I thought, "why add more steps when it can be as easy as 1-2-3?!"

burlap bag curtain, crafts, home decor, window treatments


  • burlap sack (If you don't have an antique mall near you or don't want to go searching for burlap sacks, you can find burlap for sale at most fabric stores, such as JoAnn Fabric. If you really want to get crazy with these burlap curtains, you can even choose a different color and create a stencil to paint on it, or they have burlap that already has designs on it--I've seen chevron, polka dots and other patterns available.)
  • round curtain clips
  • fabric scissors
  • *Note: I ended up not using the jute twine.
  • Not pictured here: -iron
burlap bag curtain, crafts, home decor, window treatments

STEP 1: Remove Seam (optional)

If you're using a burlap bag, you'll want to remove the seam. Be careful with this step because you won't want to inadvertently cut your burlap. I cut the end thread, pulled the two ends of burlap apart enough so that I could slide my scissors on a few loops of thread and cut again--I did this until the entire seam was removed, and I could lay my sack out flat as one piece. *Note: I assumed my burlap sack was two pieces of burlap stitched together but it was actually just one huge piece stuck together on one side.

burlap bag curtain, crafts, home decor, window treatments

STEP 2: Measure & Cut

Next, I measured across the front of my opened burlap sack. Where you see my middle finger (at 27") is where the original fold was so I decided to cut there since I knew my window was approximately 24" wide.

burlap bag curtain, crafts, home decor, window treatments

STEP 3: Iron

After I cut my burlap, I quickly ironed it since it had been folded up in my basement for a while. I put the iron on the cotton/linen setting and pushed the steam button a few times which got the wrinkles out quickly. The only thing I would suggest is if you have a thin piece of fabric (an old sheet or something similar), you may want to cover your burlap with it while you iron if your burlap has any type of design on it. I'm not sure if my design was painted or screen printed on, but some of the black got on my iron.

burlap bag curtain, crafts, home decor, window treatments

STEP 4: Attach Clips

After my burlap was nice and wrinkle-free, I simply slid my round curtain clips onto my curtain rod and attached my burlap to the clips. I eyed up my design to be centered in the window and clipped the left and right ends of my burlap first, then evenly distributed the remaining clips throughout the middle of the burlap. It was THAT easy!

burlap bag curtain, crafts, home decor, window treatments

Sorry for the lighting, but I'm happy with how this simple burlap curtain came out. I'm slowly but surely transitioning to a new look/style in my house so that everything sort of flows (which, might I add, as a person who loves elements of several styles, it is so hard to do when everything I see--whether it's rustic, country chic, modern, etc.--I must have or make!) but even still, I think I'll always have eclectic taste and will never have a perfect "theme". That's what I love about style and art though, you're free to be creative and funky if you so choose!

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7 questions
  • Barbie
    on Aug 11, 2016

    I made a burlap curtain for my door but the Sean keeps shredding. Any thoughts?

    • Sean?? Do you mean the edges....?? If that's the case, I find one of the vertical strands--usually about the 3rd strand from the edge--and pull it out. Then, I cut the line of horizontal strands that are left sticking out. Does that make sense??

    • Faye Muir West
      on Sep 25, 2016

      Maybe you could put some fray check over the edge after you do the procedure mentioned in first answer.

    • Lena hall
      on Sep 25, 2016

      Do a bead of hot glue down the cut side ,it worked for me

    • Sandra Dyer
      on Sep 25, 2016

      So this is no sew.i was going to ask about fray but u answer all ready.if to long just cut to lenth..?? N if u was afraid of fraw could u use the iron on tape ?

    • Rita giordano
      on Sep 25, 2016

      I used mod podge on the edges of my burlap ribbons and that worked.

    • Rita giordano
      on Sep 25, 2016

      I used mod podge on the edges of my burlap ribbons and that worked.

    • Jessica Serrano-Gregg
      on Sep 25, 2016

      Fray check, mod podge for a quick and easy fix but I started one with stitch witchery with a fold of 1/2 then iron it to activate the witchery but I kinda like the edges frayed and natural a bit so I might just cut that off, let the edges fray a smidge then apply the fray check to prevent them from unraveling so it keeps that rustic, natural look of the burlap... By folding the edges and giving it a clean line I almost felt I needed to line the panels and that defeats the purpose of this whole idea lol

    • Susan Feaver Neufeld
      on Sep 25, 2016

      If the width of the bag was the width you wanted - why bother to cut it?

    • Barbara
      on Sep 25, 2016

      Maybe stitch a half inch or so from edge and pull strands off to form a fringe.?

    • Barbara
      on Sep 25, 2016

      Maybe stitch a half inch or so from edge and pull strands off to form a fringe.?

    • Vicki
      on Sep 25, 2016

      I made beautiful light blue burlap curtains for our family room years ago. It was a cheap make for us as we were newly weds on a very tight budget. Cut up white old flat sheets for the liners from 2nd hand store. Turned out very nice and practical. Sheets at 2nd hand stores give a lot of fabric for your dollar. Burlaps open weave will stretch, so care is needed. I have turned 2nd hand flannel gowns into new baby clothes.

    • Ardene hanson
      on Sep 26, 2016

      Panters canvas is fun to sew with too. Just take it apart pull two threads to square it up on all 4 sides and your ready to go. You wi need to sew the cut edges. I use zig zag. Works!!!

  • Phyllis
    on Sep 25, 2016

    It's hard to see. Do you have a curtain rod hung above the blinds. What size rings did you use?

    • Jessica Serrano-Gregg
      on Sep 25, 2016

      Yeah I enlarged the picture and I see the white style basic curtain rod installed above the blinds in the first pic and then the second pic enlarged shows the burlap panel hung with the clip rings, obviously the rings are what hangs on rod and clips are clipped to panel ( im only pointing that out because I've seen it done backwards lol) I think he used what was already there but I love this idea but I think I'll use a cafe rod because it's round and easier for the rings to slide vs using the traditional flat style curtain rod. I found some of these curtain rings with clips that are 1-1/2" that look like they would be a good fit but better for a round cafe rod I think. It's a great idea, an easy fix for an area that needs a little something for sure! Hope that helps you even though I'm not the poster lol

    • Yes ma'am, I just used a cheap curtain rod from HD and I believe the rings were 1 1/4".

  • Christy Roppel
    on Sep 26, 2016

    Are there weights at the bottom so it stays in place and hangs straight?

    • No, I just ironed it before I cut it and then hung it with the clips. I've had no issue with it moving.

    • Denise Griffin
      on Sep 3, 2017

      I have a goofy question. Can you wash burlap? I have an old sack that is just collecting dust (literally) but now I know what to do with it. Thanks for the great idea !!!!!
    • Katie
      on Sep 13, 2017

      I put things like burlap in my dryer with a damp rag and a softner sheet. Low heat and run it. Dust is gone and item is ready to iron.
  • Linda
    on Apr 6, 2017

    How did you attach the rod to door? Magnetic rod? Great window blind. Thanks
    • It's just one of those cheap ones that screws into the wall/door. It was here when we moved in...I need to get a new one!
    • Joi
      on Jul 12, 2017

      Love it. I am eclectic. I would be so bored otherwise.
    • Sharon
      on Jul 16, 2017

      Same here
    • Dawnne Woodie
      on Sep 10, 2018

      I would go for a round rod, with some kind of country finials. I just see the country look being finished with thst kind of rod. My vision is of maybe a finial reminiscent of say, a glass doorknob. Just this ol' country woman's opinion.

    • Ginger the farm gal
      on Sep 11, 2018

      You could cover the rod with jute cord/or rope up to where it fits together. so you could still take it down to clean. Would keep it from sliding so easy when the door is opened and closed. Love curtains that filter the light yet gives enough privacy...good job.

  • Xpu24043979
    on May 21, 2017

    No question- I love this! Thank you for sharing this, thisis what I had in mind!
  • Mandy
    on Feb 11, 2018

    How do you pull up the burlap? Like opening a blind per say, or does it always stay down because of the rings?
    • Sandra Allen
      on Sep 7, 2018

      I don't think she pulls it up. I think she slides it across. I am not positive but I think the first photo is the old blinds she replaced the burlap with. It's kind of a "before after" thing.

    • Daisy@TX
      on Sep 13, 2018

      Yes I think she slides across if necessary however it does bring in filtered light.

  • Gee Gee
    on Jun 4, 2019

    How do you treat new burlap--purchased at fabric store-- to stop the "shedding" of fibers?

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  • Sophia
    on Sep 8, 2018

    You can also use liquid starch and a pretty fabric. Dip the fabric into the starch, put it on the glass and let dry. Trim edges. I use this technique on walls, doors, windows... wherever I want a simple, easy, FAST bit of fabric or to cover a window.

    I used it on the bird room glass door.. Now they don't just hang there staring at me while I'm in my office working.

    I also used it on my bathroom cabinets and on an accent wall. Subtle but beautiful.

  • Daisy@TX
    on Sep 13, 2018

    I purchased two bags at a flea market thinking one day one day and ta da! Here is what I would like to. Thanks for sharing.

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