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DIY Shell Covered Terra Cotta Pot

I know what you're probably thinking. One more terra cotta pot project, right? :) Well, maybe - but I loved how this one turned out and just had to share with you. It's an easy DIY project that will add a touch of Summer to any home.
This project only took about 30 minutes to create.
Yep. I started with a plain Terra Cotta Pot. Nothing special. You could even use a plastic container or basically any container. I had these on hand.
Because we live less than 20 minutes from 3 different beaches, there is always an abundance of shells. But, I chose these sun-bleached shells which I particularly love and we find on a small island where we go boating. (You can find small bags of shells inexpensively at craft stores, and I also share an affiliate link where you can buy them online.)
I base coated the pot with an outdoor proof Patio Paint by DecoArt. (affiliate link provided on post)
Once the paint was dry, I started hot gluing shells at the base, making sure the placement of the first layer did not impede the pot from sitting level.
I used some of the smaller and longer shells as filler.
Once completed, I ended up with this.
I did add a final starfish which I love. A simple green fern is all this shell covered pot needed. What do you think? It's so easy and anyone could do this. I plan on making another pot and adding it to my outdoor patio table. I would love for you to visit me at my blog, The Everyday Home, www.everydayhomeblog.com.

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