Decorating With Lamps

I love lamps, but they are so expensive that I almost always buy them on sale. This is a collection of the lamps I am currently using. The rest are stored in my basement. I frequently dust them off and bring them back out. You will notice that most of the lamps are tall and skinny. They are my favorite kind.
I just purchased this yesterday at Homegoods! I paid $50.00 This is the most I've ever paid but I fell in love with this lamp. I was going to make one out of some of my tea cups but decided I couldn't do better than this.
Found this lamp in an antique store. This is a copy of the lamps found on the Orient Express. Paid $15.00
I always look for skinny lamps because I like to have room on my tables for other décor. This one was purchased at Target about 3 years ago.
Found this lamp in old general store many years ago. It was on sale because the shade was damaged. I turned it to the back so you can't see the flaw.
Found this lamp in a country store in the mark down bin about 15 years ago.
I purchased the silver coffee pot at an antique store for $10.00. My husband made it into a lamp for me.
I purchased this lamp on sale at a home decorator store. Only paid around $20.00.
I found this lamp at an antique store. There were 2 of them so I purchased both for $20.00.
This is the other lamp in the set. My husband had to rewire them.

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