Rats or Mice in Roof Space

I imagine the above is a very common problem. We have heard scratching in the roof and our dog also alerted us to something going on in the roof space. Upon climbing into the loft space with a torch, we can see that there are what appears to be rat or mice droppings. As we are concerned about the little devils chewing through electrical cables and causing a fire we need to get rid of these pests. I thought about rat poison, but with a dog in the house and the thought of the rats ingesting this and dying a horrible death not to mention the thought of decomposing mice/rats in the loft space, I don't want to go that method. If we catch them in humane traps - they are probably just going to come back if/when released or else we will have to kill them (which I am very squeamish about and my hubby would also not want to have to whack them or whatever either). I thought of the old fashioned mouse trap - I don't like hurting any creature but at least if they have to die it is over with quickly? and we would be able to retrieve the traps and bodies more easily. What to do? What to do? Any ideas anyone? How would you deal with this problem? Thanks.
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You dirty rat!!!
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