Asked on Jul 28, 2013

Finding a small stand...need ideas please



I am in need of a very small stand (no more than 20" long) to use in my living room as a coffee stand in front of our couch, the only ones I can find in the right size (and price) are those plastic outdoor ones & they are horrible lol... Any ideas on where to look (I have been checking all the thrift stores, salvation army, etc) or any ideas on how to make one of the plastic ones go with my decor, other than just painting it? Thanks for any ideas & links/pics would be great!! :)
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  • Carole
    on Jul 28, 2013

    Check your local newspaper for deceased estate sales, Yard, garage or car boot sales (depends what they are called depending on where you live - but you know what I mean). You could also check online eg Craigslist or ebay or gumtree, again, depends what you have in your country or area but you get the idea. Also try any local recycle centres - local dump/tip often have recycle sheds where people can take stuff away for free that is too good to go to landfill. Kerbside clean-ups - there are plenty of options. I have used most of these methods for sourcing stuff for makeover over the last year or so! Good luck!

  • Carole
    on Jul 28, 2013

    Just another thought - why not think outside the box and repurpose an old suitcase or chest - paint the suitcase and add some legs which you can buy from hardware store quite cheaply or wheels/castors for mobility? Used pallets are also an option and can be painted and disassembled and remade to your own needs. Garden pots - glazed or otherwise topped with a piece of thick glass cut to size - if you use a garden pot you can put a pretty display under the glass. Old wire/cable reels can be painted and made into little coffee tables - hope this gives you some ideas! You are only limited by your imagination!

  • Sharon
    on Apr 29, 2015

    I took a wrought iron plant stand and glued in a dinner plate! Voila-a small little table! Hope this helps.

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