Asked on Jun 13, 2012

How long should wood flooring acclimate before being installed over a full basement?

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  • in your area being humid and all. I would wait for a full week if you have the time. Also If you can, open up the bundles of wood so air can get to the boards faster. I assume your using either a pre-finished board or one that needs to be sanded and finished once its down? If its a click lock system, there is really no waiting time. Now for the real question. Are you putting this down in a full basement, or on the first floor over a full basement?

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jun 13, 2012

    Woodbridge has hit the high points....Most prefinished flooring in covered on top and on the back this type pf product tends to be more stable. Ideally the flooring should be tested with a moisture meter and compared that to the moisture reading of the subfloor. When the two reading are in agreement you are good to go. Some flooring however can take a very long time to acclimate. An example of this is with dense tropical hardwoods. A number of years ago I installed some Bolivian Rosewood in my living room, this flooring acclimated for about a month before I installed it. I later installed some more into my library....that flooring acclimated for over a year. I can tell the difference in the install...the living room is not as tight as the library. The difference is small but noticeable. What type of wood? and is it pre-finished?

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