Asked on Jun 13, 2012

Restoring a 100 year old milk can

Gail SugalskiPatricia WKMS Woodworks


I found a 100 year old milk can in the attic when we purchased the home. I really want to restore it.It has nice raised lettering, and lots of rust. Ive tried CLR and a wire brush, but the rust wont budge. Its in great shape otherwise.
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jun 13, 2012

    How much rust does this have? 10% 50% or more? this about antiques is the rust often ADDS to the pieces charm and uniqueness. Sometimes just a basic "cleaning" is enough to allow it to live center stage in the home. Have you ever watched American Pickers? Those guys want rusty stuff. Can you post a pic?

  • Patricia W
    on Jun 13, 2012

    I can post a pic. The rust is just on the outside, I think it was stored dry but the Willamette valley is so damp. Id say surface rust, no holes.

  • Gail Sugalski
    on Aug 23, 2015

    Classic Coke Cola gets rid of rust. It needs to soak, tho.. Try saturating a terry cloth with it and wrap the cloth around the milk can.... leave the cloth on for several hours, if not overnight. Good luck!

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