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Glass mirror cutting-Does anyone have experience with this?

Hi Everyone,
We have a large glass mirror in our bathroom and instead of replacing it with two small mirrors I'd like to cut it into two separate pieces. I've never tried this and would like to know if anyone has tried a similar project. Thanks so much. Trying to save a bit of cash by recycling :)
Big mirror-Can it be cut into two separate smaller sections?
Second picture of big mirror :)

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  • Not sure where you got the prices for the suction cups, they are only around $50 each for the better ones.

  • Cynthia
    on Feb 12, 2015

    Be very Careful!! If it were to fall, it could shatter and flying pieces could cause extensive damage. My husband and I do home remodeling and had a bathroom remodel where a bathroom wall mirror fell and could have killed a woman, but she just left the room. Some mirrors have only a little putty to adhere them, and others are very secure with lots of caulk. The problem is, no one knows. Wear eye wear and protective clothing. Have enough people to help secure the mirror incase it should fall. Safety first so there are no $$$ accidents!

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