Smell under house

Our pier and beam house has a old foul smell that seems to come from under it. We have put in a fan to circulate the air, and have had it inspected for water and gas leaks, nothing was found. Help please.
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  • Lisa Lisa on Jul 27, 2016
    Eww. Is there an Environmental Dept. in your city?. I would have them come check it out.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 27, 2016
    I would put traps underneath as it sounds like it may be critters that have stayed there.There is no other way to say that .As for the odors , if you can get there use natural remedies with citrus sprays to help eliminate the odor. If that is not possible put citrus peels in the area.
  • Kathy Stetts Kathy Stetts on Jul 27, 2016
    Maybe it's a sewer smell. If sewer drains are "dry" the sewer gas builds up and emits a horrible odor. Run water through any drains that haven't seen any action in a while. I have the same thing happen to me if I don't use one of my toilets for a while.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Jul 28, 2016
    Call Geraldo, you have found Jimmy Hoffa! Could be dead rats, often their preferred burial space, under floors and houses.
  • Cynthia Nye Cynthia Nye on Jul 28, 2016
    Check for a dead critter ...
  • Cindy Lou Zimmerman Cindy Lou Zimmerman on Jul 28, 2016
    Try throwing charcoal under there to absorb the odors.
  • Kay Kay on Jul 28, 2016
    Throw MothBalls under the house and it will get rid of the smell and keep unwanted critters out.
  • Helen Helen on Jul 28, 2016
    We called our plumbers because we had a bad smell coming up from the tub drain. He told us to run water down the drain for 5 min., once every week.
  • Susan Axsom Curtis Susan Axsom Curtis on Jul 28, 2016
    Not knowing what the foul smell smells like. Is the smell stronger in one bathroom? if yes try flushing the toilet and running the tap for 5 to 10 minutes and then use the drain stopper to help prevent the water from evaporating . If this trick don't work you may have to call a plumber to check for a leak in one of the drain lines. If the Smell is not sewer gas but a rotting meat smell you will need to send someone under the house to remove any carcasses that are there and and Cindy Lou said throw a bunch( 20 to 40 lbs) of charcoal under the house. It will some time for the odor to be all adsorbed by the charcoal. The more charcoal use use the fast the odor will will be absorbed.
  • Marlene Marlene on Jul 29, 2016
    Are your vents opened ? Throw lime on the dirt under the house. If it is mold, place a couple of lights under there for a while.
    • Mardel Mardel on Jul 29, 2016
      Was also going to suggest, better than moth balls as the smell from the moth balls is worse than the original smell sometimes.
  • Liz Liz on Jul 29, 2016
    NO MOTH will end up with a worse smell that will linger indefinitely.
  • Muk4850062 Muk4850062 on Jul 29, 2016
  • Sparkles Sparkles on Aug 01, 2016
    we throw moth balls under our house to rid it of skunks and opossums. the moth ball smell is not bad and only lasts a few hours inside the house.
  • Janie Briscoe Janie Briscoe on Jun 18, 2020

    There's a thing called deodorizer bombs Walmart carries them

    If it's under your house clean it turn off your air conditioner throw them under your house and let them set it takes away the smell instantly.

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