Asked on Jun 13, 2012

Security for a restoration after a fire

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We have a house that is being restored after a full gut from a fire. Just put in doors and windows and the house was broken into, took some of the copper out the walls. Any suggestions on securing the house at night. We don't have electricity yet, my understanding is that the house is connected "directly to the "box". The house is in another state.
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  • Few things you can do. You can purchase a self contained alarm unit that you simply set on the floor. It runs on batteries and makes a loud noise when it detects movement. Some of the higher end units can auto call any number you program into it. After the many terrible hurricanes that went through the south a few years ago, copper theft went way up. It was then many contractors began to use PEX tubing. This plastic piping system has no scrap value and eliminates the costs involved with replacement after the fact. I suggest you go that route. You if things are real bad, hire a dog company who comes in at end of day and plants one of their really nasty doggies in the house over night. Much like they used to do in stores before they started using real high end alarms. Just Google dog security and you should be able to find someone in that area. last but not least, If your under a contract with someone who is responsible for the home as you do not live in it or near it, It should be perhaps their responsibility to secure the house when they are not there. What happened to you is not all that uncommon but for the most part it ends up being someone else within the contractors employ who did the deed or told someone else about it so they knew it was there for the taking.

  • Zena
    on Jun 13, 2012

    Thanks. Not seeing a self contained alarm, what should I be looking for?

  • Check out this one from Amazon. There is a package deal with auto dial feature as well.

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