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Redneck Wine Glasses- An Inexpensive Gift Idea!

A friend and I spent a couple hours making some redneck wine glasses out of Ball jars, candlestick holders from Dollar Tree, and fabric flowers and faux pearls. With a little glass glue, they are holding up perfectly!! I made these for a few of my blog friends as part of the Pass it On project, and I made a sweet homemade note out of burlap instead of buying a card. They were a huge hit and super easy to make!!
To read more about how to make them or the Pass it On Project, link here:
Time: 2 Hours Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://drabtofabdesign.com/2012/06/passing-it-on-redneck-style/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Jul 30, 2013

    Love these. Whitney!

  • BeBetsy
    BeBetsy Henderson, NV
    on Jul 30, 2013

    Love love love!!

  • Diana Susoy
    Diana Susoy Santa Cruz, CA
    on Aug 1, 2013

    Recently gave a pair these to a bride to be, she loved them. I would add that they are not dishwasher safe. Maybe something to add to your note.

  • Steven Mullins
    Steven Mullins Sunset Beach, NC
    on Aug 1, 2013

    Actually.. If you use E6000 glue they are absolutely dishwasher safe! I made several hundred of them for our daughter's wedding last October and we've been using them daily ever since with no trouble. You just need to follow instructions carefully and make sure there's a good seal with no place for water to get through.

  • Whitney
    Whitney Jacksonville, FL
    on Aug 1, 2013

    Great tips, @Diana Susoy and @Steven Mullins ! Diana, I noted that in my blog post but not here on Hometalk. I will add that. :) Steven-- good to know! Thanks!

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