15 Brilliant Things to Do With Your Old CDs

Make your shiny CDs useful again with these clever upcycles.

By Hometalk Highlights

Protect your garden with them

The attached bell will get rid of critters, and it also doubles as a beautiful wind spinner.

Use them to hold small things

These adorable pouches make great decor for your walls.

Use a broken one for sparkling garden decor

Glue a smashed CD onto a ball for a sparkling addition to your garden.

Upcycle it into a plastic bag dispenser

This solves two problems: getting rid of your CDs and organizing your plastic bags.

Make a sparkling mosaic birdbath

This is a must-have for any garden.

Upcycle one into a decorative clock

Your guests will love this unique wall decor.

Turn them into beautiful candle holders

Add some silk flowers to make the prefect centerpiece.

Add shiny decor to your wall

A few pieces of black wood and a couple of CDs make unique wall decor.

Serve your tacos with them.

These also make great napkin holders.

Transform them into sparkling placemats

You’ll want to use these for every meal.

Turn them into photo books

Attach a bunch together to re-live the memories.

Bend them to make bookends

An easy solution to keep your books up straight.

Hang them as birdfeeders

You’ll soon be hearing those birds chirp in you backyard every morning.