Asked on Jul 30, 2013

Problems with oil vs. latex paints

AFGKimberly Barney


I am refinishing a table and 2 chairs for my daughter. I sanded them down and used an oil based Kilz primer. Now that I am painting the colors on, it seems that maybe I'm using a latex based paint because after over 36 hours, the paint is still tacky to the touch. I didn't even think about the oil vs. latex being a problem when I started. I just used the only form of Kilz we had already. Am I going to have to restrip the paint and primer and start all over?
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  • Kimberly Barney
    on Jul 30, 2013

    If you use oil primer, you must use oil paint. You will need to strip and re-start or purchase the color paint in oil. It may cover the latex without a problem. I'm not sure. You should also never use the same brush for oil paint as you do other types of paint.

  • AFG
    on Jul 30, 2013

    Thank you. I was afraid that would be the answer.

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