Asked on Aug 1, 2013

Can I use a primer & then paint over wall paper in our bath room?

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bathroom is wallpapered,should I remove this first & then paint, room is small , only room wallpapered
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  • Only paint over the wallpaper if it is sound~no peeling, rips, or tears and if the seems are not protruding. I have painted over wallpaper and it has turned out great and I have seen where the wallpaper seems and tears came through. To remove wallpaper can be easy if the person who put it up used sizing and then you can just steam the wallpaper off with a home steamer or spray water to loosen. Then use vinegar to remove the glue. Hope this helps.

  • C Renee is correct, but you need to understand that glue that is dissolved in water is used to hold the paper on the walls, When painting using a latex paint you can cause the seams to fail if you use to much paint per coat. The moisture of the paint will cause the seams to fail. Ideally a oil based primer should be used first the followed by the paint of your choosing. And lastly remember if you do paint it and later decide to remove it all and start fresh, the wall paper removal will be a very large task as the paint will prevent the wall paper from getting wet to dissolve the glue when using wall paper removal chemicals.

  • Shari
    on Aug 1, 2013

    From my personal experience, I say only paint over wallpaper as a very last resort--when it just won't come off with any removal method. I have painted over wallpaper twice (once a whole bathroom of wallpaper and once a border around the parameter of a bedroom) and in both cases the wallpaper was NOT coming off under any circumstances. Believe me, I tried but it just would not budge. (I suspect the wallpaper was applied to wallboard that was not sized first.) The "right" way is to remove it, if you can.

  • Kathy Lemay
    on Aug 2, 2013

    thanks for all the tips, I think I will try to remove the paper first wish me luck thanks again

  • I always take the wallpaper off the wall. It saves a lot of problems later.

  • @Kathy Lemay you can find out how to remove wall paper by doing a search on this topic in the search space above. Lots of methods are suggested there. But I think your going to be happier with the results by removing the paper. Saves lots of grief later on if the paint causes the paper to peel.

  • If you are going to remove the wallpaper, here is an easy method which has always worked for me... Mix equal parts unscented fabric softener and hot water in a spray bottle (or a garden sprayer if the area is large). Spray the wall and let soak for about 20 minutes (make sure it stays moist). For really tough jobs, I add dish detergent to the mix... The enzymes in both help break down the adhesive. Just remember to use unscented softener because the smell can be overpowering, trust me! Good luck!

    • Lyn Therese
      on Jul 28, 2015

      @Simple Solutions by design This method I have used for years. It really works! I actually like the smell of the fabric softener. I use Downy and love the smell. When you paint, the smell mixes with the paint smell, and it's not so bad. It actually helps but it is just my preference. When I come to a stubborn area, I score it with a razor blade lightly. It works great.

  • Kathy Lemay
    on Aug 8, 2013

    problem solved, thank you all for your comments

  • Bj
    on Aug 10, 2015

    You can paint over wall paper as long as you use Ann oil base paint and make sure there's no peeling up any where if so trim it of work a razor blade and your good top go

  • Diana Deiley
    on Nov 28, 2015

    If it's vinyl, just peel off the top layer. The bottom will be paper which you can spray with hot water and fabric softener.....wait.....then just scrape it off. Definitely paint the walls with proper bathroom paint. It will save you lots of headaches down the road.

  • MaryJane
    on Dec 11, 2015

    I have painted over wallpaper. If seams are not visible and they were double cut when installed than go ahead and paint it. Priming first would be wise use a good primer being it is a bathroom. Turned out great!

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