Tired of Your Ugly Trash Can? Here Are 12 Amazing Ideas!

Give your ugly trash can a makeover, and say goodbye to boring garbage cans.

By Hometalk Highlights

Build a fenced area for them

You’ll hide your trash and also give it a designated space.

Make your bin look high-end with a stencil

The metallic gold paint and stencil makes this garbage bin look so chic!

Use them as flower pots

They won’t hold garbage anymore but they’ll look so cute.

Or build a cute trash box inside your home

It’s the perfect way to hide those ugly trash bins.

Hang a curtain around your garbage cans

Place them under a cabinet with a curtain to block them from sight.

Wrap rope around a wired garbage can

Completely change the look of your garbage with this clever idea.

Hide them in a sliding kitchen drawer

A pull-out kitchen drawer is the perfect place to hide your garbage can without changing your kitchen.

Or place them in a tilt-out cabinet

It also doubles as a cover for your trash.

Paint it for a retro look

These bright designs make your trash can stand out in a good way.

Make it room decor with vintage stickers

You’ll love how easy it is to add this to your bathroom.

Modge-podge pretty napkins

A cool design is all you need to update your trash can.