Making Door Thresholds by Hand

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2 Hours

After months upon months upon months of procrastination I finally put in door thresholds across the bottom of the three exterior doors that needed it. I also patched the three rectangular holes in my hardwoods that used to be vents for my grandparents’ old hvac system. This is one of those thankless jobs that I wasn’t sure would make any more then a foot note in a blog entry here about something else. However, how I tackled this project was just too cool to NOT devote an entire blog entry to it. Made them by hand, out in the barn, using my grandpa’s old tools! So here is what my doors liked like before:

You can see the spray foam through the hole where the old grate for hvac used to be and the old wood from the wall that used to be there, not to mention the grand canyon like gap between the floors and the doors. NOT pretty and very obvious and very noticeable. These thresholds alone have kept me from taking pictures and revealing my kitchen and my living room! So, why did it take so long for us to finally get this done? Because it is thankless work 🙂 This is the perfect example of a job no one appreciates or notices when it is complete lol Which is, of course, the ultimate compliment because now it looks like they are SUPPOSED to look!

I got inspired thinking about exactly how they had to be and headed for the barn with my measurements. With some digging around I came up with the wood that would work and clamped it on the bench, found my Grandpa’s old rasps and got to serious work!

Yes I have serious birds in the barn lol, just ignore that pile of bird poop that that board is sitting on. With the boards complete I went in and cut all of them to length and put the patches in. There was a certain amount of sanding I did to make sure the doors would open etc.

Then, with my patches installed and the door thresholds installed I got to work sanding everything down one more time and staining it all to match the floors.

So much better!!

Suggested materials:

  • Wood
  • Stain

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  • Em
    on Jul 7, 2018

    Nice work. If you do this again, consider tapering the toe plate a LOT more. The idea is to create a slant all the way down to the floor so that you can't catch your toe on. With the wood so high it creates a tripping hazard especially for the elderly.

    on Jan 1, 2019

    Thank you. You have inspired this old woman to give it a try. Don't have any old boards but a friendly hometown lumber yard that would cut down 2x4's to fit my doors and then I can take it from there.

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