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Jennifer Godwin
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Asked on Aug 2, 2013

Help! Can anyone tell me what type of plant this is?

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Hi all, I have a plant (see pic - the one behind the chairs) that is some sort of herb (if you pinch off a leaf & crush it, it's definitely a recognizable kitchen herb smell - just can't figure out which one!). Gardener said it was native & drought resistant (the types of plants I focused on when choosing what to put in my beds) but I can't remember the name! I'm hoping the attached picture help you help me! It has red & white flowers at the tips of the branches - it is a perennial (at least here in the Austin area) as I can cut it back & it comes back & lasts throughout the winter. Anyone have any ideas?
help can anyone tell me what type of plant this is, flowers, gardening
Adding closeup pic
Adding closeup pic
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