What can you do with grape vine??

The local electric company has in its wisdom decided to cut down my neighbors grape vine - 25 years old ! It extended from one end of the block to the other - along the telephone and cable lines. We all now have 100's of feet of grape vine piled neatly ( sort of ) in out driveway. Besides making a lot of wreaths, any other suggestions? Have cut and spliced some first year growth, dipped in rooting hormone and planted some, but hate to see this going to the compost pile. Sad thing is there must be 100's of pounds of green grapes on them. The birds will be lost this fall!
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  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Aug 02, 2013
    Rustic baskets are really nice out of grape vines. You can give them away for Christmas presents. Look at this how to:http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/weave-a-basket-zmaz93asztak.aspx#axzz2aqNwIql5

  • Heather Scott Heather Scott on Aug 02, 2013
    A neighbor and I have been thinking most of the afternoon - had thought of wrapping the vines around tomato cages and making christmas trees to decorate - there is so much of it!

  • Patricia Brining Patricia Brining on Aug 02, 2013
    I would go on a grape vine sharing frenzy= contact all the plant and yard companies around you =all stores with plants even Ace hardwares= it is more important to perpetuate the plants for their future and the planets! Unless you buy an couple acres and transplant for your own winery start up!

  • Heather Scott Heather Scott on Aug 02, 2013
    was thinking that too - they are old growth cabernet - beautiful grapes when ripe - have picked all the grapes off the vines -another neighbor wants them - they eat them, another is coming for the leaves - I rooted 12 along the fence

  • With such nice long lengths how about making a screen, or a short length of woven fencing

  • Bonnie K Bonnie K on Aug 03, 2013
    If you have old fences wood or woven...the grapevine can be woven in and out to make it appear as a rustic old fence...with dense grapevine trunk make arches using a couple of wooden fence post for side supports...also can wind it around existing arbors in the yard it will last there for a long time..sorry the vine had to go ..advertise asking for people that would like to have some...

  • Catherine White Catherine White on Aug 04, 2013
    put on freecycle.org in your area, or criegslist.org free stuff, I would love some (but too far away), and sure others would love some......if they are close to you.......

  • Tanya L M Tanya L M on Aug 04, 2013
    I tend to stay away from craigslist - freecycle is good. You can also check ebay classifieds - free and local http://www.ebayclassifieds.com/. If you know of group that collect craft items and then make them into gifts to give away this is an example of what I mean http://sunshinegroup.weebly.com/ Some groups only take some items. Might check with Gallery owners in your area and see if there is a mix media artist looking for it. Good Luck

  • Lisa Brady Lisa Brady on Aug 04, 2013
    you can try to take cuttings and plant like a bush in a large pot /You can plant the mother plant straight into a large pot and treat as a normal plant with support you will need to prune it but don't worry give it a light airy soil and a bit of moss around the top perlite and vermiculite in the soil will all help.you could even over winter it in a green house.Next year it should produce but don't let it get to high as it needs to bush out .

  • Barb Rosen Barb Rosen on Aug 04, 2013
    I have seen some beautiful arbors made of wood and grapevines - need an arbor ?

  • Lisa Brady Lisa Brady on Aug 04, 2013
    Oh and of course you could Take the Grapes to a food programe make Jelly and of course wine.

  • Heather Scott Heather Scott on Aug 04, 2013
    We actually picked most of the leaves off the vines and gave them to neighbors who use them to make cabbage rolls with, yabrak I think its called, the unripened grapes I gave to a friend who uses them for seasoning food with ( you have to dehydrate then grind up - taste like lemon ) - planted some cuttings along a fence. Its difficult to plant anything in back yard - we are renovating and putting a small addition on so yard is a disaster.

  • Lisa Brady Lisa Brady on Aug 05, 2013
    Hi Heather you did well to do that vine leaves are Quite expensive so that was quick thinking. In Turkey and Greece they stuff vine leafs and make a dish called Dolmus which they also call there little bus's because they stuff as many people as they can on them they are usually stuffed with minced lamb I think you may call it ground as in ground beef its interesting there must be a whole book to be made from all the different uses so many places grow grapes for wine especially around the Med they serve them in a large starter for lots of people its called a mezzes It is usually served with warm pitta bread Houmus and Taramasalata which is made with fish roe it and its really delicous its pink I'm not sure what fish there are other dishes . When I shared a house with lots of other girls we used to host themed parties Greek nights good because you can serve up a mezzes and drink Retsina a cheap Greek wine and dress in a sheet Although I think that's actually a Roman Attire.Sorry I digress but yes Vine leafs are better than cabbage laves they have a lovely flavour and some people will use Cabbage as an alternative although that dish is indigenous especially eastern Europe and I'm sure there is lots more. I think you have done a great Job its really sad when something that special gets treated like that.

  • Heather Scott Heather Scott on Aug 05, 2013
    Our neighborhood has become very ethnically diverse - Lebanese, Syrian, Jamacian, Indian, Russian, along with the usual Scottish, Irish and French- It is a continually fun learning experience and immensely enjoyable

  • Lisa Brady Lisa Brady on Aug 06, 2013
    Over here its becoming the same which I think makes for a lovely rich tapestry,Unfortunately we have a lot of xenophobia which is stoked by certain political parties who encourage people to look at this as a threat instead of strength. As we the same as a lot of country's are going through uncertain economics,so everyone fights amongst themselves instead of the people with the purse.

  • Heather Scott Heather Scott on Aug 06, 2013
    I actually have dual citizenship ( Canadian - British) lived in Scotland and a lot of relatives still there . Its sad that we just can't get along - maybe if everyone took up gardening there would be less fighting