Asked on Aug 3, 2013

A stubborn weed

Bonnie BassettDouglas Hunt


this weed is very thorny it really hurts to try and pull it out unless I have very thick gloves on it has large leaves and blooms in blue bell like flowers and now a white one I have been killing them with vinegar as soon as I see one but they are coming up in the middle of my perrenials and I don't want to harm my plants anyone know what this is and how do I rid the garden of this weed Also I cannot upload photos to this site and I don't know why it will not upload on my laptop please :)
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Aug 3, 2013

    It sounds from your description like it must be some type of thistle. Make sure you are using horticultural strength vinegar, and, to avoid getting it on your other perennials, paint the vinegar directly on the leaves of the offender with a foam brush.

  • Bonnie Bassett
    on Aug 4, 2013

    ty Doug painting the leaves is a good idea I thought it had to go to the roots in order to destroy it. What is a horticultural strength vinegar I have been using plain white distilled vinegar is that ok?

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Aug 4, 2013

    I don't think plain white vinegar is acidic enough. Horticultural strength vinegar has 10 to 20 percent acidity and common vinegar has 5 percent.

  • Bonnie Bassett
    on Aug 5, 2013

    ty again for your answers Doug :)

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