Trailer remodeling ideas

I have an old broken down double wide trailer. It needs to be completely remodeled.I am poor, lol, so I need ideas on a very tight budget.
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  • Leslie Leslie on Aug 03, 2016

    Kate, You give no details. If you live in the trailer I would do one project at a time. Start with the most important and do a lot of research online to find out the most economical and safest way of completing the tasks. You will need to spend money on your supplies and tools so nothing is going to be inexpensive unless you have friends and or neighbors that are willing to help with tools. You can also host a remodeling party and provide hamburgers, hotdogs etc for your helpers. Also I would take a chance and checkout your local charities like Habitat for Humanity and the like and see if they can either guide or help you out...this is their business. Good Luck.

  • Pat Pat on Aug 03, 2016

    make sure it's level. make sure roof & windows don't leak. Use lots of joint compound/putty. Paint, or paper, curtains.

  • Angela Angela on Aug 03, 2016

    We had an old trailer. The ceiling and walls were stained. Once we got it water tight, I papered the ceiling and walls with anaglypta wall covering. It has a pattern. I then painted it all the same color. It looked just great. Check out on line what anaglypta wall covering looks like. Buy some paste and get cracking!

  • Jina Jina on Aug 03, 2016

    Paint everything! Preferably white. Pull up old carpet and paint the subfloor with porch paint. Subfloor not paintable? Lay down sheets of plywood that have been painted, with the porch paint. Then your neutral base of walls and floor will let you add your own touches of color and furniture

  • Mary Mary on Aug 03, 2016

    I recently changed the look of our single wide, 3/2 trailer. First we painted every single wall, right over that horrible paneling and so-called wallpaper that came with it back in 1983. I chose a "white linen" color that is a bit creamier than white, a bit warmer. We took out all the carpet and covered the entire trailer floor in one pattern of high grade linoleum. It looks like Mexican square tile, in sort of a neutral terra cotta color. The floor looks fantastic, and many people think they are walking into a tile floor. I replaced the light fixtures with different globes and added smaller lightweight ceiling fans in each bedroom. One of the reasons I chose these colors was because the bathroom fixtures were all a yellowis gold, that when next to the painted walls and new floor, tied in well. No money to replace all of those now. I did change out the sink and rub fixtures with a dark bronze that works well. I also removed all mini blinds. It looks fantastic and I love it!

  • Shari Lemieux Shari Lemieux on Aug 04, 2016

    You can use inexpensive colourful bed sheets to make curtains, blinds, pillows, and furniture slipcovers.

  • Kimi Sutherland Kimi Sutherland on Aug 08, 2016

    You can get all kinds of stuff for free on Kijiji. pallets are a great wood supply and pintrest has some great ideas