Asked on Jun 16, 2012

Does anybody know of a supplier that has aluminum coping for a vinyl liner pool?

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We had a large (100' tall) pine tree come down across our pool. It destroyed a portion of the concrete deck and damaged the side wall of the pool. The existing deck is cantalivered concrete, We are going to replace the entire deck so it will be consistent. We're considering the aluminumn coping but are not wanting white. Any suggestions on where we might find an anodized color, perhaps dark tan, etc. Any suggestions on a reliable group to repair the damage?
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  • Google Aluminum pool coping. There are all sorts of suppliers for this type of use. Why are you thinking about aluminum for the coping instead of using cement coping? You may have issues fastening it to the ground around the pool.

  • Julius
    on Jun 17, 2012

    Hey W.E. I would much prefer Concrete coping. It's what's there now in fact. I would like stone coping even more. It all due to cost. I've gotten depreciation and am looking at having to spend funds I'm not too keen on spending at this time. I've Google searched and have not been happy with the choices I seen. That being said, I suppose I'll likely go ahead and stay with forming and using concrete.

  • I would think that the aluminum coping would be more expensive then doing the concrete form method. What about pre-cast coping? How does that price out as compared to forming with foam and pouring in place?

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