How can I clean my new area rug?

We just moved into a new apartment and the floors are really unattractive. So, we entered a brand new phase of area rugs!! What is the best way to keep them clean? What kind of upkeep do rugs need? Thank you in advance for your wonderful insight!
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  • TND8384384 TND8384384 on Aug 03, 2016
    honestly the best thing i have found to clean carpet or rugs is RESOLVE's powder . it doesnt saturate but definately pulles up dirt .
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 03, 2016
    Spray the rugs down with scotch guard to protect them.Should you soil the carpets then use a product from Chem-dry called stain extinguisher. Vacuum regally which also helps cut down on dirty carpets.
  • Anita Elaine Anita Elaine on Aug 04, 2016
    I like RESOLVE and regular vacuuming does make a huge difference. But once a year, I take my area rugs out into the sunshine for a couple hours after running a steamer over them to kill bacteria.
  • Abbigail Hunter Abbigail Hunter on Aug 04, 2016
    We use a steam mop every week so as not to let the dirt begin to build up. It is quick and easy.
  • Laurie Laurie on Aug 04, 2016
    It will help to know the fibre content of your rugs as not all like chemical cleaning like Resolve. I have mostly wool rugs in my home and vacuum regularly, spot clean when necessary with Resolve or other gentle cleaner. Mine are too big to air outside, so if they get really dirty, must be professionally cleaned but this is expensive and they often do not look like new!
  • Sophia04 Sophia04 on Aug 04, 2016
    The same way you clean carpet. Rent a machine , buy some carpet cleaner solution and go over just like you would a wall to wall carpet.
  • Gail Welick Gail Welick on Aug 04, 2016
    At Dollar Tree they have a product in a red spray bottle simply called "carpet cleaner," it works very well for me. Simply follow the directions on the bottle.
  • Michael Bruce Congdon Michael Bruce Congdon on Aug 04, 2016
    Hose them off. That's the way to clean Persian and Indian hand-knotted rugs. If you live in a dry climate they can be hosed off on a deck. Also you can hang them over a low fence. Use a lot of pressure from a nozzle.
  • Jen8596471 Jen8596471 on Aug 04, 2016
    Take it outside, wash it with water, use a soft brush with a mild soap
  • Dee Dee on Aug 04, 2016
    I did the same thing as Jennyamena did but if you dont have water grab a bowl of water and a brush and scrub it then take a old towel and whip it
  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Aug 04, 2016
    WOOLITE CARPET CLEANER - Just spray it down heavily, let it dry, vacuum it up - leaves a fresh clean scent. (Comes in a can like spray paint & it's in the cleaning supplies isle at Walmart. Hope this helps. :)
  • Debbie Lafleur Debbie Lafleur on Aug 04, 2016
    You can use baby shampoo as you mild soap. Finish with misting on a solution half vinegar and half water. The vinegar rinse is great for the rugs fringe too
  • Cyd Cyd on Aug 04, 2016
    I took mine to the car wash. Soap, rinse, (no wax), roll it up and hang it over your fence outside to dry. Made a huge difference!
  • One8414992 One8414992 on Aug 06, 2016
    I hose mine down on the patio and scrub with a long handled brush using Tide laundry soap...Rinse WELL.....Set a few bricks underneath and let dry......Use fans if you like.......
  • One8414992 One8414992 on Aug 06, 2016
    Mine did not, but it could be a possibility...But, I doubt it...Mine are vintage old wool rugs.......Hope that helps!
  • Fastlights Fastlights on Apr 03, 2020

    "Before vacuuming, gently sweep the rug with a straw broom to help loosen any dirt or dust. Use the suction nozzle of the vacuum rather than the power head, and vacuum in the same direction as the pile. " Got this from

    What I did before is I just vacuum it right away and didn't thought of using a broom first. Just wondering what specific cleaner I should use that won't damage the quality of rug that is affordable.

  • Agnes Chrzanowska Agnes Chrzanowska on Mar 31, 2021

    i would get steam vacuum to do it

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