Turn Paper Towel Rolls Into Cheap, Biodegradable, Seed Starter Pots

3 Materials
2 Minutes

I've been wanting to plant some seeds for a while now, and I thought of using paper towels. My only problem was that we don’t actually use too many paper towels in our house; I like re-washing our towels to be eco-friendly. So I had to get some from our friendly neighbors. Turning paper towel rolls into starter pots is a really great project. It’s practically free, it upcycles your paper towels, and it
Step 1: Gather Your Materials
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
My materials consisted of paper towel rolls, scissors, soil, a pot, and seeds (not pictured). I chose parsley seeds, because I love the green leaves, and I love it in my salads.
Step 2: Cut the Paper Towel Tube
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
I started by cutting each tube into thirds. This gave me about the right height I needed for a starter pot. I didn't measure how many inches it is, but how many different lengths can a paper towel roll be?
Step 3: Fold the Bottom of the Tube
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
You have to fold the tube in two different ways. I folded the open part of the tube in half the horizontal way and the vertical way. That way there are fold lines every fourth of the way around.
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
Now it almost looks like a square. These corners will help you cut four flaps with ease.
Step 4: Cut Four Tabs
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
Then I cut along the four folded lines about an inch long.
Step 5: Fold Tabs into Flaps
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
Fold the flaps inward. You can see how I folded them in the picture.
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
This makes a sturdy bottom for the pot to temporarily hold my seedling.
Step 6: Add Dirt
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
I filled it up about ⅔ of the way with fresh soil and kept a little bit of dirt on the side to cover the seeds.
Step 7: Add Seeds
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
I added my seeds and covered them with more dirt.
cheap biodegradable plant starter pots
That's it! Now enjoy your starter pots. Be sure to water them a lot! I kept mine in a little greenhouse for three weeks before moving them to a larger pot.

Suggested materials:

  • Paper towl roll
  • Dirt
  • Seeds

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  • Sandy
    on Oct 1, 2016

    The cardboard egg cartons work well also, just separate each one or just keep the dozen whole, fill with starter, wet, and plant. The material will break down, the plants roots will grow right through the wet cardboard or just cut the bottom off and plant whole. Works well...Have to watch them though because they will dry out. In a small greenhouse type environment not so much. Thanks. I think a lot of these types of paper products will work well.

  • LamoidZombieDog
    on Jul 8, 2017

    tried, works very well i love it its simple but good, havent tried yet but i know it will work good, ive been looking for projects i can use to sell at a craft Fair and even know this is simple, i feel if i fill it with dirt and maby seeds and even grow it a bit it would sell :D even if it doesnt, i still can use it in my garden when i re plant everything each spring so awesome idea :)

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