Ways to freshen walls when landlord won't let you paint?

I have old, dark, ugly wood paneling that I'm not allowed to paint,(which I would paint white) how can I lighten and brighten my walls? I bought white craft paper to staple up but there'll be staples showing. It's so dark in here even colors don't look right and I'm a fiber artist. Help!
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  • Mbe8961336 Mbe8961336 on Aug 04, 2016
    use liquid starch to "hang" fabric onto walls. plenty of DIY details online

  • Barbara Barbara on Aug 04, 2016
    I had the same problem in another house. I made a GIANT (mine was 8' x 12') canvas of room darkening liner from the drapery dept of my fabric store. I put it on a wooden frame for depth of course. I then changed out the "scene" whenever I wanted with swatches of color, treasures, whatever I was in the mood for.. It became my "display window/wall" if you will. mucho funo!

  • William William on Aug 04, 2016
    Mbethhardy beat me to the punch! Also the fabric will just peel off and all you need to do is wash them down. I like Barbara's idea too. Panels of fabric hung on the walls will brighten the room.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 04, 2016
    Providing you are allowed to hang items add some bright pictures and accent the room with decorative colorful pieces.

  • Eileen Eileen on Aug 04, 2016
    Plenty of ideas on Pinterest.com!! For example, search temporary wall coverings ...

  • Desiree Suggs Desiree Suggs on Aug 04, 2016
    Mbethhardy is on track with my thinking. I bought FLAT sheets whose dimensions were such they would cover the wall (or walls) and then did the tuck and staple. They hold up forever and a quick vacuum with the upholstery brush does the trick.

  • Sus9524426 Sus9524426 on Aug 05, 2016
    Thanks everyone for your great suggestions!

  • Tammy Trish Tammy Trish on Aug 05, 2016
    Contact paper?

  • Leslie Leslie on Aug 05, 2016
    Susan, there is removable wallpaper for renters. Home Depot, Target, and most likely Lowes sells it. It is basically peel and stick. I would go to HD and talk to a salesperson and tell them your problem. You can Google removable wallpaper and lots of hits will come up. Good luck :)