Mystery plant!

Can anyone tell me the name of this plant?
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  • Nancy ONeil Nancy ONeil on Aug 05, 2013
    @Rhonda Brady - I believe you have nailed it - thank you so much!
  • NancyLee NancyLee on Aug 07, 2013
    I planted two elecampanes in my medicinal herb garden this spring - they haven't flowered yet. The root is good for respiratory issues - we've had a lot of fires here this spring and I had a cough and sore throat one morning last week. Found my elecampane root infused honey (made back in 2010!) swallowed a spoonful and Voila! All was well. Also found this interesting blub on wikipedia: Susan O'Shea, a research student at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Ireland, has shown that extracts from the herb kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) as well as a broad spectrum of other bacteria.[2]
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    • Carol L Carol L on Aug 07, 2013
      @NancyLee Thank you so much for the info @NancyL. How much root do you put in the honey? Do you mash up the root? Deffinently have to have some of this on hand. When it says 'extracts from the herb' that still the root or from the leaves?
  • NancyLee NancyLee on Aug 07, 2013
    Hey Trish, I'm a nurse too - that's why it caught my eye. I bought mine at the local growers' market - there's a lady who grows all her own herbs and she has the greatest selection of really healthy plants. It's my favorite booth to go to on Saturday mornings! You can also buy the dried root at Mountain Rose Herbs (and probably other places). I got my initial root online in 2010 - paid a lot of money for it fresh but it was worth it. I love herbs and love herbal medicine.
    • Sia@South 47th Sia@South 47th on Aug 07, 2013
      @NancyLee and @Trish Ross I'm an RN as well! I grow my own Medicinal Plants, as well! I grow organic and then, they are always there for whatever ails are going around. Nice to 'meet' fellow Nurses here on hometalk!
  • Frankie Laney Frankie Laney on Aug 07, 2013
    I do believe I should find a nursery and purchase a few of these. Sometimes I am amazed at what I do not know!
  • Peg Peg on Aug 07, 2013
    Mine is huge. I have to have someone help me take a picture with it. I'd say it's about 6 ft tall or more.
  • NancyLee NancyLee on Aug 07, 2013
    Yay! I love that - I'm taking the Family Herbalist Course at the The For Natural Healing and just love it - took me a few years to decide to do it more formally but I'm ready now. Sia, do you do anything outside your family for herbs?
  • Doreen Nestell Doreen Nestell on Aug 07, 2013
    I love i thought that our God came along dropped a seed in your yard and gave you such a pretty plant. As well as being medicinal. He knows about the winters in NH. This year maybe someone will need to use this and you will have it and know more how to administer it. God's grace, peace, light, and love to you. In Jesus' Service Doreen ✞ ✞ ✞
  • NancyLee NancyLee on Aug 07, 2013
    Hi Carol - I just sliced up the root very thinly - filled up a little 1/2 pint jar and poured raw honey over it. Labelled it with name, date of prep and shook it up a little every day for about 4 weeks. Really, then forgot about it. I've never needed it - did give some away but never got a comment from the recipients as to whether they had used it or not. So it was nice to have it on hand and try it and have it work! Pleasant surprise. That what herbs have done to me - pleasantly surprised me about a lot of things......They just have slowly and oh, so sweetly moved into my home and my life and now they are taking over!
  • Sallie Dodd Butters Sallie Dodd Butters on Aug 16, 2013
    Elcampane usually grows very tall before the top clusters into flowers....I use it as the first real expectorant for my lungs I've ever found !
  • Sallie Dodd Butters Sallie Dodd Butters on Aug 16, 2013
    I grow it in Alaska but our weird winter/spring killed it and a LOT of things up here...I make a tincture...
  • Sallie Dodd Butters Sallie Dodd Butters on Aug 16, 2013
    It's Rx is ALL in the root....
  • NancyLee NancyLee on Aug 17, 2013
    I was wondering about that Sallie - have you tried using the leaves and/or flowers? I've never read about anything about using them - just the root. I like to experiment - might be fun to see for myself - but first to make sure that the aerial parts aren't toxic.
  • DebLynn DebLynn on Feb 02, 2014
    Not sure what the plant is but it looks like a cross between a Giant Dandelion and a Minature Sunflower. BTW My grandpa would make amazing Dandelion wine from the FLOWERS….It was his own secret concoction!!!