17 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Chicken Wire

This versatile material is popping up all over the place.

By Hometalk Highlights

Hang your produce with handmade baskets

A new twist on a classic style on how to store your fruits and veggies. (Amanda C.)

Create an inspiring dreamcatcher

This adds decor and is a great place to hang pictures. (Our Peaceful Planet)

Hang your earrings in a fashionable way

Any girl who has a collection of earrings needs something like this. (Marty’s Musings)

Create an adorable cloche for your garden

Protect your garden from critters in a stylish way.

Hang plants above your shower

You add greenery to your bathroom without sacrificing floor space. (Peaches and Salt)

Create a cool shaped wreath with garland

This can work for spring and winter time.

Or make a fall wreath with pinecones

Welcome autumn at your door with this beautiful piece. (Sprouts and Stuff)

Make an avant garde chandelier for outside

Hang some candles in it for some delicate outdoor lighting. (Suburble)

Display your photos in a unique way

You can easily swap out old photos for new ones without taking down the frame. (Anderson and Grant)

Create a moss covered planter

Add some more green to your flowers with this cool planter that you can hang on a fence. (Stow and Tell You)

Upcycle a jar into a crafty toothbrush holder

This can also work as a utensil holder, but we totally want this for our toothbrushes. (KS Craft Shack)

Attach gorgeous pendants to a mirror

This is such a perfect solution to adding some character to your mirror without an entire frame. (Amanda C.)

Make your lightbulbs look industrial

This lightbulb cover is so much better than any old lamp shade. (Refresh Restyle)

Upcycle a chair into an adorable planter

This darling planter looks fabulous on any porch. (Simply Country Life)

Make paper mache cacti

Instead of growing your own cacti, which takes years, why not make your own? (Pillar Box Blue)

Create some really cool chandeliers

If you like the farmhouse look, you’re definitely going to want to make these.

Circular Photo Display

I had seen this gorgeous circular photo collage on Pinterest and instead of buying it, I decided to DIY it