Asked on Aug 6, 2013

How to tranplant peonies

Douglas Hunt


They need more sun to bloom. These peonies are about 50 years old but are in smaller bunches. Help Please
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Aug 7, 2013

    Although your peonies will ultimately be happier in a sunnier spot, Sandy, peonies do resent being moved, so don't be surprised if they sulk for a couple of years after they are in their new spot. You want to move them in the early fall, after the foliage has started to yellow. If the plants have remained small, there is no need to divide them, so lift them using a spade, trying to keep the plants as intact as possible. Have the new holes dug (about 3 feet apart) so you can replant them as quickly as possible, and make sure you do not plant them too deep. The "eyes" on the plant should be just below the surface. Planting them too deep may mean they don't bloom. Water well, and keep them watered until the ground freezes. They should then be good for another 50 years.

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