Blooms for August 7th 2013

As the spring and early summer flowers are gone, I'm enjoying the later summer flowers while they are still here. I make sure to dead head as much as possible so I can extend the blooms.
love this dark purple/blue morning glory. The flowers and leaves are huge.
Black Berry Lily. I took some seed pods growing wild 2 yrs ago and now have plants of my own.
when the seed pods of the black berry lily opens, it looks just like a cluster of blackberries.
Cleome comes back from seed every year. Got to watch out for the thorns on the stems.
White phlox peeking up over the black eyed susans.
Pink phlox growing nice in the shade! Very fragrant!
Red Bees Balm still hanging in there.
I'm amazed that the assorted Gladiolas come up every year. To think how I busted my buns digging them up for years to take indoors!
hardly an maintenance for these gladiolas.
lovely, my new patio in the background.
This one popped up on the other side of the house. These bulbs seem to be everywhere.
my first canna flower bloom. Brought this plant back to life from near death. It's rewarding me!
Rose of Sharon, one of the few variety I have.
some Tiger lilies still hanging around.
more gladiolas. I'm finding them in places I didn't know I planted. I think the bulbs get relocated as I transplant things!
my Cosmos growing as they please. I let them reseed themselves.
another Rose of Sharon.
this one is a tad lighter in color than the previous one.
butterfly bush blooming in the black eyed susans. I forgot I planted one in there!!
Rugosa rose giving off a few more blooms. I clip off the old flowers and rose hips to get end of the season blooms.
pink phlox doing well in the full sun garden.
Cosmos close up.
a bee loving this variety of cosmos!
dark pink cosmos, I need to get some seeds of whites, purple and reds
mums already blooming.
still getting an occasional stella d'oro lily bloom.
red begonia's enjoying their summer outside.
I bought these lilies on QVC, they are blooming now.
another asiatic lily in bloom now. Better late then never!!
balloon flowers are very happy this year.
white balloon flower.
still have a few day lilies around.
This years huge hardy hibiscus. There's hardly anything left of the leaves. I've been battling with a little inch worm that devours the leaves.
my pink hardy hibiscus for 2013.
purple sedum ready for bloom.
variegated sedum almost ready to bloom
mixing up some blooms and colorful coleus foliage.
I have a pink balloon flower along with my white and blue.
strange how some balloon flowers have 4 petals and others have 5!
I don't know what this flower is but it's growing nice with the dusty miller.
more black eyed susans. I have this mental block on which one is the rudbeckia and which one is echinacea.
look who's popping up, kind of late but I'll enjoy the little guy!
another type of Rose of Sharon in with black eyes susans.
echinacea/purple coneflower.
mixing foliage colors. I keep forgetting the name of the deep purple plant. Herb like smell, reseeds and can be invasive but I love it.
I love this coleus color. nice against the white and green hostas.
more mixed foliage colors
mixed foliage in the shade garden
some light purple bees balm still going strong
gaillardia for the full sun
a type of salmon colored phlox, not as tall growing as my white or pink ones.
a bit of sweet pea vine caressing a gladiola
even though the "butter and eggs" yellow flower is considered a "weed", the flower is pretty and I let it grow to add some color and light texture.
a tid bit of dianthus hanging around.
Japanese honey suckle. This is still in a pot, when my arbor is finished, it will go in the ground to climb on it.
my tropical hibiscus enjoying the summer outdoors.
another bit of red bees balm.
red pelargonium, commonly called geraniums.
put some flowers in an old bird cage and placed it on a tree stump, haven't really paid too much attention to it.

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